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The thing I keep thinking about this election is this–the Democrats still hold a majority in the Senate AND we have the sitting President.  The Republicans/crazy tea baggers won big last night, but they didn’t win everything.  We still hold 2/3  of the cards, and we better start acting like it.  Last night was not a mandate.  Last night was the 1/3 of the country who are chicken heads running around with their heads cut off squawking.

Let’s say that 1/3 of the country are hardcore Democrats.  They might occasionally vote outside of their party, but they mostly hold core values and vote with others who hold similar values.  Lets say that hardcore Republicans make up about another 1/3 of the country.  That leaves 1/3 of the country who don’t know what the hell they believe.  These are the scary undecided voters, and THESE are the people who just voted the Republicans into Congress.  THESE are the SAME people who just two years ago voted Obama into office. They flit around from one candidate to another— OOH, SHINY!

These crazy people with no idea what they stand for, with no intellectual curiosity, who don’t pay attention to what a candidate stands for or what the repurcussions of voting them into office might be, these people who might not pick a candidate until they are actually IN the voting booth, these SHEEPLE are running the country right now.  I’m callin’ it now.

President Palin.

With the nuclear codes.  Shaping our economic policy.  Making Supreme Court nominations… If that doesn’t cause a shiver to run down your spine you are reading the wrong damn blog!

I am afraid for this country.  Some of those teabaggers were scary.  Talking about taking up arms and taking back our government.  Um… isn’t that treason?  Which is kind of illegal?  Punishable by death?  And the people who voted for them… who are these people?  The candidates are all rich.  They only care about the rich.  They will take away your social security.  They will cut your medicaid.  They will let you die without healthcare.  And it will not bother them in the least.  THEY are not suffering, who cares if they break the backs of a few poor people to line their own pockets a bit more.

I am sorry to keep beating a dead horse here, but I am afraid.  The Dems need to stand tough in the Senate and President Obama will have to be tougher still.  Don’t let these newly elected chicken heads bully you.  And don’t try to placate them.  Decide what you believe and stand firm no matter HOW TOUGH IT GETS.  Play chicken with them.  Make them back down first.  Otherwise all is lost.

I wanted to edit this and add that I dont’ really think Palin will be the next president.  I think Obama will be elected again in two years.  Right now, hope springs eternal and I cannot believe the country has gone that far off track.  It can’t be true.  It just can’t.

…Can it?

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