I am a little late to the discussion, but I wanted to say that I was saddened to hear that the Cathy comic strip is ending soon.  This strip began when I was just a little girl.  I honestly can’t remember a time when it wasn’t in our paper and I’ve always had a soft spot for it.  I read it and enjoyed it as a child, then when I was a young, single college student, I became a huge fan.  There were a few  years when this strip seemed to speak to me and I listened and laughed.  My favorite years of this strip were when Andrea got married and had Zenith and Cathy adopted her dog Elektra.  I cut a few of these strips out of the newspaper and they used to hang on my fridge.  Now those strips are in a box somewhere, but I didn’t throw them out.

That’s the mark of a damn fine comic strip, cutting strips out of a paper, then saving the strips in a box and carrying them from house to house when you move rather than throwing them out.

…Then, I guess I moved on.  I got married and had kids and while I still enjoyed the strip, it didn’t have the same connection to me as it did before.  Cathy was single and dating and I was dealing with lots of kids and one with a disability.  The strip was still written well (and I do think it was a well-written strip.  It was chatty, but I LIKE chatty, and it always had a punch line.  This is something I enjoy in a cartoon), but it was still being written about the same subjects and I had moved on to a bigger world, with different subjects.  I mostly stopped reading it for a while.

I have to admit that the only strips of hers that I didn’t like were the lists ones.  When she would list 200 different types of shoes or panty hose or cookies to make a point, I skipped right over it to cut to the punchline.  I have her 15th anniversary collection and it’s a REALLY good collection.  It’s probably my second favorite cartoon book that I own (and between me and my cartoon loving son, we own a library full).  My absolute favorite cartoon collection of all time is the very first Overboard book.  Now THAT book is funny!

I started reading the strip faithfully again when Cathy got engaged to Irving.  I loved her wedding and I loved that she married this man she had so much rich (and not even most of it good!) history with.  I have read it sporadically in the last few  years and mostly enjoyed it.  It’s stayed remarkably consistent over all of it’s years in the papers, and I think the quality has only gone up.  I did a daily strip for only 4.5 years and it burnt me out, so I can hardly comprehend the grind of doing it for over 30 years!  That is quite an accomplishment!

I will miss Cathy and I wish her well.  I read that her daughter is a senior and she wants to spend more time with her.  I have my own senior daughter and I know exactly how she feels!  I haven’t had anywhere near enough time with Clem, and next year she’ll be gone?  SOB!  Say it ain’t so!  (Seriously, I really can hardly bear to think about her being gone).

Anyway, I hope that lots of women cartoonists slip into the newspaper spots that Ms. Guisewite vacates.  Go Between Friends, and Stone Soup, and Rhymes with Orange!  Get on with your bad selves!


I have to say, that I have long thought that the Tea Party people are just, for the most part, racist folk who don’t want to admit that they are racist for fear of looking bad.  They are the people who would never say anything racist to someone’s face, but they will joke about it when with their own kind.  They will talk racism crap behind someone’s back.  They will tell anyone and everyone they know that they can’t be racist, because they were once friendly with, way back in the sixth grade, someone who was biracial.  Then, they will go put a picture of Obama in clown makeup on their vehicles and go sign some stupid petition to get rid of the president because he wasn’t born in America.  Just a bunch of racist chicken heads who have gotten together with a bunch of other racist chicken heads and formed a political movement.  Not a good movement, or a helpful one, but a racist, chicken headed movement.  It’s rather scary, really.  Mental giant’s these are not.

I think it’s fair to say that I am not a Tea Party or Tea Bagger or Heavy Tea Drinker (or whatever the hell they call themselves) fan.  And I make no apologies for my opinion on this subject. I also am not a Glen Beck fan.  I actually used to kind of enjoy him– I do think he can be funny and he seems sincere enough.  But he has crossed the line into CRAZY with a capital C.  He’s just another Limbaugh now.  A strident, monotonous, harpy who is sooooooo misguided.  Let me be good and kind and just say that I… I don’t ENJOY him or the Tea people and leave it at that.

However, my sister Lisa emailed me some stuff that goes a long way towards explaining why I have come to this conclusion about these unfortunate idiots who retain the right to vote.

My sister Lisa happened to be in Washington DC yesterday for a Woman of Faith conference.  The conference  happened to be going on at the same time as Glen Beck’s Restoring Honor rally, AND Al Sharpton’s MLK tribute rally.  Phew.  LOT of stuff goin’ on in DC yesterday!  Somehow my sister missed the news about the rallies and was surprised to find the Metro system overrun.  The line to get tickets was about two city blocks long.  Luckily, she already had a ticket, so she just went through the turnstiles.  The trains were packed.  A man gave up his seat for her and she said this was nice.   Her friend texted her that it was crazy at her Metro stop because of the rally, but she didn’t know what the rally was until she found her own train overrun with people and asked the crowd in general what the rally was all about.  One man said, “You’ve got to be kidding me?” and a woman told her they were there for Glen Beck’s Restoring Honor rally.  My sister said that “Oh.  No wonder I didn’t know.”  She was told that it had been all over the news.    She said that she must not have watched that part of the news.  A few people laughed.

The man who gave her his seat had driven 2 hours from Michigan to Ohio, then took a charter bus to DC.  Others were talking about how far they’d come.  A woman sat next to Lisa and she looked pretty ordinary.  Not in the least bit crazy.  She asked Lisa which metro stop she should be getting off on for the rally.  She said that she’d asked the station manager, but she was afraid that he might have sent her to the wrong place.  Then she said, “If there are gays and blacks there, I guess I’ll know that I’m at the wrong rally.”  My sister’s response?  Oh, ick.  I second that.  They began speculating that there might be a million people in attendance.  At some point, they began talking about the Sharpton rally.  They explained that Sharpton was upset because Beck had “unwittingly” (yeah right) booked his rally on the same date and in the exact same location as MLK’s historic “I have a Dream” speech.  So he decided to have his own rally on the same day to ruin Becks.  Even though Beck really had had no idea about the coincidence of the dates and locations, and he’d set this up over a year ago anyway.

Then, the train broke into a spontaneous rendition of My Country Tis of Thee.  I am not making this up.  My sister said that while she’s patriotic, she didn’t want anyone to think she was affiliated in any way with Beck  (That she was a “Becker”) so she kept quiet.  And felt guilty about it.  I just think it’s sad that she finally gets a FAME moment, people are spontaneously singing in public, and it has to be ruined for her by it being Tea Bagger people doing the singing.  That might have been her ONLY shot at a spontaneous public sing-along.  Thanks Glen.  Sigh.  I told her that she should have busted out a dance move or two and seen if anyone would have joined in (somehow already knowing the choreography by heart) but she told me that these were not THOSE kind of people.  How disappointing.

Then the woman who was sitting next to her started talking Beck up, trying to make her a fan.  She said:

1. He really isn’t political.

2. The rally isn’t political (which everyone on the train agreed with).

3.  Beck is great because he explains things about history that has been repressed for hundreds of years.  The woman actually said that she had a degree in History and had never heard the historical things he has unearthed and explained about. It was all new to her! (Maybe because it’s all FICTIONAL?!)  Anyway, this woman said this with a straight face and meant it.

4.  Also said that she blames government workers for the current economy. Lisa raised her hand to say, that’s me. Govt worker here.  The woman then went on to say that she supports smaller government and limited terms for Congresspeople. And that Congress people get pensions for serving only one term. And not just for the current administration but also in general.

The GlennBeckers were talking about restoring America to the place the forefathers had conceived.  Lisa kept thinking, oh yes, good thinking.  Let’s return to the America where slavery was legal and women were not yet allowed to vote.  GREAT plan.

On her way home, after her Woman of Faith conference (which she thoroughly enjoyed), there were more Beckers on the train.  There was also an older black couple who were wearing matching MLK “I Have a Dream” T-shirts with yesterday’s date on the front.  They had obviously been at Sharpton’s rally.  Lisa saw one person roll his eyes at his friend at their shirts (when the couple wasn’t looking).  No one gave up their seat for THAT woman.

I think Lisa did a fabulous job of reporting here.  I’ll slip her a couple of bucks for her trouble, and maybe next time there’s a rally, she can go as the Clear Blue Water roving reporter and maybe take some undercover pictures.

…It certainly comes in handy having a mole in the DC area for just these kinds of events.

Before I took that unanticipated break back in March, I wrote, drew and inked a few cartoons.  I was actually ahead.  I didn’t post all of them.  But now, looking back 5 months later, I cannot for the life of me remember which one’s I’d already posted.  I THINK today’s cartoon is new.  I am about 85% sure that it has not yet been posted.  But, I am not certain.  So if it is old, I am sorry.  There will be a definite NEW one on Monday.  One I just wrote today, so I am as certain of it’s birth date as I am of my own.  I hope today’s toon is new.  I quite like it, really.

I was planning a different post but I found our copy of “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH” today and read it in a couple of hours.  I’ve probably read that book 10 times over the years, but it’s been a while since the last time through.  It still holds up.  I’ve found that the very best children’s books can be read and loved by adults as well.  When you don’t talk down to children but, instead, credit them with a brain and a point of view, you can create something truly marvelous.  Which this book is.

It’s the book I most wish had a sequel to it.  The writer died a few years after it was written.  I’ve never heard that he was planning  a sequel, but in my heart I always assumed he was.  I wish he’d left notes for his family about who, exactly, perished at the end of the book.  I wish I’d gotten to find out more about the rats at Thorn Valley.  I want to know why the folks from NIMH showed up with cyanide gas.  You’d think they’d want to catch the rats alive, not kill them.

I just found out today that there is a sequel book, but it wasn’t written by the writer.  It was written by his daughter long after his death.  I am going to buy it even though it’s not necessarily the writer’s plan.  Usually, I think sequels written by different authors aren’t worth my time.  This time, however, I will give it a try.  A daughter would probably hit a bit closer to the mark, and who knows, maybe he mentioned to her who the dead rats were.  I would find it unbearable if one was Justin.

My daughter read this book for her summer reading.  She didn’t want to.  It starts out a bit dry.  But I told her it was great and that it got really good very soon.  So she kept at it and now she adores this book as well.  I wish Pixar would make this movie.  I know there is a movie about this already, but I saw it when I was younger and I wasn’t impressed.  This book deserves a great animated film.  Pixar would do it, but I think they only work on original stories.  Too bad.  I’d love it if they made an exception for this.

I got to thinking.  That Dean Koontz book, Watchers, about the dog who has been experimented on and is being chased and can read?  Hmmmm.  VERY similar stories.  Perhaps he was unintentionally inspired by a this book?

Anyway, I guess I don’t really have much of a point.  I just wanted to give a shout out to one of my all time favorite BOOKS and I mean adult and children, that I’ve ever read.

Well done!

(new toon up.  Yes, it’s a black and white Sunday strip that will run on a Wednesday.  Is there a problem with that? 😉

As I have mentioned before, when I was young, I loathed my hair.  It was different than everyone else’s hair and I couldn’t figure out why.  I would look at girls with long, straight blonde ponytails and just long for them silently.  My own hair was curly and frizzy, big and unmanageable and I couldn’t figure out why.  I didn’t know how to deal with it and neither did my mom and so it was usually put up in a curly ponytail that never seemed to grow longer.  Sigh.

Then my mom told me she was biracial.  Which was a huge shock because her dad died before I was born and no one thought to tell us kids he was black.  My mom, though considered black on her birth certificate, is quite light skinned and can pass for white.  Her facial features and hair definitely look mixed but because of her skin tone, people assume she is Italian or something.

Now,  when my mom told me she was biracial, she did it in a weird way.  I was in the third grade, and we had a project for school where we were tracking our ancestors.  They wanted to know what countries they had come from, etc.  My mom told me her dad was Italian.  So I wrote that in.  Then she started to get upset.  She took me aside and told me that she had a secret to tell me but that I could never tell anyone in the world because then they would hate us.  I specifically couldn’t tell her friend who lived next door because she, especially, would hate us.  I tell you, I was afraid to hear the secret!  Then she said, “Your grandfather was black”.  Not, I’m half-black.  Not, my dad was black.  No, it was your grandfather was black.  At first, I didn’t know who she was talking about because I had met my dad’s dad and he wasn’t black.  And she had never mentioned her father to me before this project.  Then when I realized that she was talking about her dad, I still didn’t understand why people would hate us.  My best friend at the time was a little black girl and nobody hated her.  In fact, she was popular.  And why would my mom’s friend hate us?  She liked us a lot.  She was always over at our house.  I didn’t understand.

But, I was excited.  I finally had the key to what, exactly, was different about my hair.  It wasn’t the same as my best friend’s hair, but it was closer to her hair than it was to being long, straight, swingy blonde ponytails!  I immediately changed my project to show that my mom’s dad was black and not Italian.  My mom was really nervous about this but she let me do it.  However, she did make me promise not to tell her friend, and I never did.  (Side note, my mom’s friend DID eventually find out my mom was half-black and she did drop my mom because of it.  Racism runs deep in some people, I guess).  My mom’s nerves made me nervous and I was so afraid to turn in my project!  I worried about whether my teacher, who I adored, would then hate my guts.

…Nothing happened!  She hung my project up with the other kids, and she didn’t hate me and neither did anyone else in the class or the school because of it.  It was such a relief.  And it taught me not to be ashamed of who I am.  If someone asks me my heritage, I tell them.  Otherwise it doesn’t come up.  If someone makes a racist joke in front of me, I tell them.  Apparently, they aren’t racist because a LOT of their friends are black.  mmm hmmm.

I still don’t really feel like I fit in.  My hair is still different.  It’s still difficult.  I’ve made peace with it, but I wish it was easier hair.  The reason I’m writing about hair is that my oldest daughter just chopped all of her hair off.  She went from waist-length hair to a darling pixie cut for the beginning of her senior year of highschool.   It looks so great on her!  She has the hair I always wanted.  It’s wavy, not frizzy.  It’s thick and can hold a curl or you can straighten it easily.  She has… Julia Robert’s hair.  And she takes it for granted.  She donated her ponytail to locks of love.

I could never have a hair cut like this.  I would look like a salt-and-pepper Little Orphan Annie, and because it is so curly and because it grows so slowly, I would be a Little Orphan GRANNY before it looked like me again.  It would not be pretty.  When I say Clementine takes her hair for granted, I mean it.   All I did when I was younger was obsess on my hair.  It took up an INORDINATE amount of my time.  I could fix it and fix it and still have it look atrocious, so I find it almost inconceivable that not everyone has to do this.  Apparently, if you were blessed by the hair fairies at birth, you don’t give your hair a second thought.  You fix it in the morning and can then go about your day, confident that when you get home that night, even on the most humid, sultry day, your hair will still look the same as it did that morning.  You can also, on a whim, decide to chop it all off, supremely confident that not only will it look wonderful, but even if it doesn’t, it will quickly grow out.

There are a lot of things in life that are unfair, but I tell you… this is the one that has caused me the most grief.  Well, maybe not the MOST grief, but it’s definitely top five.  Definitely…

And yes, I am sad to admit that I probably AM just as vain and pathetic as this post shows that I am.

(I am happy for Clem though.  She looks fantastic!)

New toon up…

Thanks to everyone for all the lovely emails of concern.  Things were not good.  They are better now.  I have been unable to find anything funny for a while, but now I seem to have shaken off these blues–hopefully for good!  I did not mean to be gone for five months.  I wasn’t even checking emails.  I just checked out.  I’m sorry. …And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

New cartoon will be up on Monday.  I will do Mon, Wed, Fri updates.  If anyone cares and is still here reading.  If not, I will still do Mon, Wed, Fri updates for me.  At least for a while.  Just because I can, again,  and it makes me happy to do so.  I didn’t realize how much I missed Manny and Eve until I let them back into my life again.

Ha!  I made it.  Got my toon up on Monday with 29 minutes to spare.

Today’s toon actually happened.  My friend was over and I was showing her youtube videos that I thought were funny.   The old spice commercial and the Snickers commercials with Aretha and Liza, and Betty White.  She actually said the punchline to me, and I thought it was MARVELOUS.  I write down conversations in their entirety on a regular basis, but I hardly ever get one that I like as much as this.  I also hardly ever get one that has a built in punchline.  Most are all lead up, no follow through.  (Obviously, I like today’s cartoon!)  Pat, pat, pat myself on the back!

In other news, today was not a very good day.  Sawyer is sliding backwards again (it was inevitable, I guess), and my husband got in a minor accident on his motorcycle (he is fine, but might or might not have a broken hand.  Time will tell).  Sometimes I wish that I could just find a really good day, a day where everything is going great, where there is joy to be had, where we’re all together and good times were had by all, and then have THAT be my Groundhog day for a few months.

It’s the inevitable fall that follows every climb that gets me…

The other day, my son Sawyer had a doctor’s appointment.  We did not tell him about it beforehand because then he just obsesses and tantrums about it for the whole day.  Why?  Because he likes going because he gets a free toy (or, usually, about 4 free toys) to destroy on the way home.  It’s one of his very favorite places to go, and if he knows he’s going beforehand, it’s an OCD nightmare.  So, we didn’t tell him our plan.  He went to school as usual with no idea I was going to pick him up early.

When it was time to pick him up from school, I went to his classroom and he was working alone at a table. He didn’t see me.  One of the aides said, “Look who’s here, Sawyer.”  He looked up at me and his face was completely blank for about 5 seconds like he didn’t know who the hell I was. (It was just that he was totally not expecting to see me in the middle of his day.  He has a set routine that they follow religiously, and mom showing up half way through was something to be processed.)  I told the teacher that we were going to proceed to the place where one gets checkups (yes we really ARE forced to talk like this!)  Then something really neat happened.

Sawyer’s face lit up and he smiled wide.  He jumped up, came over and gave me a big spontaneous hug.  These are to be treasured because he is quite stingy with them usually.  We got him ready and we left.  On the way to the car he hugged me again for a long time and said, “Thank you, mama!”  This, I admit, made me cry even though I wasn’t exactly sure what I was being thanked for.  Maybe he just needed a break.  Maybe he was just happy to be getting to go on an unexpected car trip.  One thing though,  he has NEVER thanked me spontaneously before.  Not once in 14 years.  We can prompt a thank you (and we do on a regular basis), but he doesn’t say it unless we prompt him.  So that was a really wonderful thing.

We went to the doctor’s office.  As soon as we pulled in he was very excited, but he didn’t tantrum or start obsessing (Doctor.  Doctor.  Doctor!)  He also didn’t tantrum in the office while we waited, he didn’t try to destroy anything or start yelling… he just sat quietly beside me and patiently waited like the other kids did.  In fact, it might have been the first time he passed, in public,  as “normal” since babyhood.  No one gave him a second look.  By this time, Iwas having a MARVELOUS time, and realized that a miraculous thing was happening, and I was going to enjoy the hell out of it while it lasted.

He was so good in the office that the doctor was floored and ecstatic (we are both used to a very different Sawyer) and was just gushing about this wonderful turnaround (which I assumed, wouldn’t last–hence the appreciating it while it’s going on thing).  Then, it happened.  The doctor told me that Sawyer was SO lucky to have us as parents because we were such great parents.  Wonderfully patient and loving.  Heroes.  Saints really.  And I deflated completely.  Sigh.

…Him don’t know us vewy well, do he?

Don’t get me wrong, the doctor didn’t mean to ruin anything for me, he though he was just giving us a compliment.  It just happens to be one of my pet peeves when people act like keeping your own CHILD who you LOVE at home and taking care of him because he needs you somehow qualifies you for sainthood.  It doesn’t.  Parents do many things just because you have to and you need to.  Things are not always sunshine and roses at our house.  In fact, our public face and our private face are quite different.  The patience I show Sawyer in public when he tantrums might or might not be extended to him when the same thing happens in private.  We are not perfect and if people think we are, we cannot help but fall.

Yes, Sawyer is difficult (that is an understatement!), but he’s my baby.  What else am I going to do with him but take care of him?  I don’t know anyone, not one person, who, if blessed with a child like Sawyer, wouldn’t care for him at home.  And this includes the doctor.  You deal with the cards you are dealt and that’s that.  I think it’s more probable that most folks cannot imagine actually LIVING like we do, day in and day out, and so we are both pitied and  saintified (yes, I know that’s not a real word!) by the masses.  Much like I cannot imagine how parent cope with their kids having cancer.  Yes, I suppose I COULD deal with it, if I had to, but I sincerely hope and pray that God spares me from having to walk that particular road.  It’s unimaginable to me, and those parents seem like saints to me–though I imagine my attitude annoys the hell out of them too.

It’s magical thinking.  No way could I handle that so THOSE people must be somehow more equipped to handle it than I am.  That’s why they got the disabled child and I didn’t.  The child with cancer and I didn’t.  God made them special, somehow.  He gave them more patience.  More kindness.  A double sample of love.   When in fact, we are just like you.  We could BE you if that was your destiny.  As for me, I didn’t ask for this, and I wouldn’t have signed on for this particular set of problems, had I had a choice.  But I didn’t.  And I trust God enough to trust Him with the details and how this all works out in the end.  I know He has a plan and a purpose for Sawyer’s life, and that’s good enough for me.

By the way, new toon up today.  I will try to (at least for this week) upload cartoons on Mon, Wed and Fri and see how that works out.

New toon is up.  I was planning on uploading a bunch but that one took me a LOOOONNNNGGGG time because I lost all of my settings and programs–even my scanner doesn’t work like it used to (I must have modified it somehow but I sure as heck can’t figure out what I did!)  But, at least there is one and tomorrow there will be another, and so on and so on and so on…

In case anyone is wondering how my P90X program worked out, it was great.  I lost a total of 18 lbs and gained some pretty impressive muscles in my arms.  I still can’t do a pullup, but I can come very close.  A little more practice and I will totally OWN this.  In fact, my husband kept telling me that I had more muscular arms than his!  I DO put on muscle quite easily, poor lamb…  So I went around kissing my biceps and flexing and telling him to buy some tickets to the gun show. (This is a quote from P90x).  My arms were bigger than I wanted them to be so I have let lifting go for now.  I want defined skinny arms, not defined Popeye arms and that was where I was headed.  Pretty soon I’ll have to get a tattoo that says “Mother”, in Olde English script.

Speaking of tattoos, I am thinking of getting one for real.  I have been contemplating this for about 15 years and I think it’s finally time to take the plunge. (I’m one of those annoying people who second guesses themselves to death and rarely gets anything actually done).  What tattoo has caught my fancy you ask?  Well, I am planning on getting my husband’s name as a tramp stamp.


…I’m totally kidding.  I am going to get tattoos of my children’s names on top of some little colorful things (yes I am being deliberately vague).  I just can’t decide where to get it done at.  I’d love a tattoo on my wrist because then I could see it whenever I want (I have terrible eyesight without glasses and I rarely wear my glasses unless I am driving).  Or maybe on the back of my neck so it would be hidden by my hair, or maybe on my foot (though I’ve heard this is painful).

If I ever DO get it done, I will post the picture on here.  I will feel so bad-ass!

Just what the world needs.  A 41 year old bad-ass.

Man, maybe I’ll get me one o’ them nose rings as well…

That is where I have been lately.  I was sucked, briefly, into the blue screen of death on my computer.  We got a bad virus.  How?  We HAVE virus protection and it is up to date.  It has not lapsed and it said we had NO viruses.  And yet, we were riddled with them.  It took two weeks for our appt. to come up for the computer guru to come to our house and charge us $75 an hour to basically tell us that our computer has basically crashed (duh) and that sorry, but he couldn’t get our computer to boot up right even in safe mode so we were sool.  He told us to buy an external hard drive (the other one we had was not large enough for all of our data) and then transfer all of our files to it (he gave me directions on how to do this in safe mode.  I now feel like such a little hacker!), and then take our computer to him so he could scrub it clean, bring it back to the factory mode, and we could start again.

Bah humbug.  I am sooo sick of computer viruses!  We get them all the time and no one else I know does.  I mean, we have problems–HUGE problems with this about every year and a half.  Though this is the first time the system actually crashed.  We’ve had it bad before, but never this bad.  Sigh.  Guru told us the virus probably came in from facebook or youtube, which my kids use 24/7.  He told us ways to be safer and I have implemented his suggestions now that I have my baby back.

I am to the point where I kind of think people who think up ways to screw my computer (well, anyone’s computer, but MINE especially) should get the death penalty.  NO mercy.  Kill someone and we’ll maybe let you off with a warning and a sincere apology letter, but crash my computer?  “Off with their heads!”

A friend of ours actually scrubbed our computer and it wasn’t anywhere near as involved a thing as I thought it would be.  We paid him in food and fellowship and all is well with our world now.  We just got our computer back.  So why did it take so long?  Well, when the guru told me what to do, I basically did nothing.  I was sick of spending money on this thing and resentful of everything computer related at that point, so I just refused to act.  Week after week went by with my family imploring me to actually DO something about the problem.  (And no, none of them would take the lead, that is left to me, the resident computer expert… God help us).  My secret?  …I actually kind of liked the time away.  I didn’t really miss the computer.  I waste tons of time on it when we have one, but I don’t get a lot of productive things done.  Finally, after everyone ganged up on me, we bought the external hard drive and I spent a day uploading all of our stuff (I couldn’t lose our pics and music or my cartoons!) and then the next day it was fixed.

Cartoons will be back tomorrow.  I can’t believe how I left things.  Those stupid cartoons up for over a month and a lame-ass blog post about Avatar.  Sigh…  Bad timing.

On our time away, it was a really nice break.  My kids were forced to play together more, there was a lot less arguing, my little ones spent an entire weekend outside playing with their friends (I used to do this, but it is a pretty rare way for kids to spend time these days), and I spent more time with my husband.  Now it’s back to the same old same old.

All in all I am glad to have Ol’ Maybelline back (yes, I have named my computer Maybelline, so what?), but I didn’t miss it when it was gone, and could have happily gone computerless for longer.  I have computer access at work, but I never have time to check it, so I didn’t even check email.  I hardly ever check messages on either of our phones so it was a wonderfully freeing time where no one really could get a hold of us and I doubt we missed anything important.  We are too plugged in these days.  I have just begun to look through my accumulated email, so please be patient.  I will try to reply toot sweet.

I hope you all have been well.  And if no one comes back, so be it.  Then that’s the way it’s supposed to be and I will be happy with that.  I just love that this computer problem was the worst of them all, yet it cost us the least amount of both time and stress.  Hallelujah for small blessings!

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