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If anyone actually still checks this site, let me explain… “No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Buttercup is marrying Humperdink in little more than half an hour…”

This has been a long four years. Hell, 2020 alone has been about 120 years long. December’s been its own decade. I hope anyone who reads this is well. Thus far me and mine have avoided this plague and I hope to get vaccinated at the first opportunity. But let all the seniors and healthcare workers and essential workers go first. I’m not greedy and my mask (along with copious prayer) have been working thus far.

In my own life things are going well. I have a grandbaby now and it is just the best thing. Recommended. Five stars. Two highly enthusiastic thumbs up! (and some jazz hands too for good measure).

We are about to get rid of the stain on our country and after January 20th, I feel like I can finally exhale. Finally breathe again. Biden is not an agent of chaos and it feels so good.

In other news, and really why I am writing this post is… I wrote a children’s book. Self-published it TODAY on Amazon. I am very proud of it. I didn’t attempt to get this traditionally published, but I think I could have. I did it this way because I had total control. I wrote the book. Illustrated it. Designed the cover. I was the Art director. The editor. And I finished it on December 13th, uploaded it yesterday, and it is for sale, now, as we speak on Amazon. Where else can you get that kind of turn around? (Also, if it sucks, where else can you take that kind of blame? Just so you know, it does not suck).

I wrote this book years ago, but it took me five months (5 MONTHS) to illustrate it. I didn’t think I’d actually ever get around to doing it because I knew it would be a lot of work. (I underestimated the work, actually). It’s been a New Year’s resolution of mine for at least the last four years to get this done, so when we went into quarantine for two months in the spring, I settled down and illustrated it. And it was even more work than I thought it would be. I almost quit. Then, I wandered over to another project (I always have at least 42 projects going at the same time) and got distracted with that. In early September I started again on this book and it has taken up ALL MY FREE TIME for the last three months. But it was worth it.

Not Just Another Counting Book: A Book for Clever Counters: Mon Rey, Kay: 9798581923085: Books

I give to you my very first, but not my last, Children’s book. There is still time to buy it and have it arrive in time for Christmas. It is a counting book for your littles or your grand littles. Kay Mon Rey is me. I considered publishing this anonymously too, but I have made the decision to do things that are outside of my comfort zone. Self promotion is so NOT ME. But I need to learn to do it. If you liked CBW, just know that this book is much sweeter, by far, than that strip ever was. I am a mellower person than I was back when my babies were small and I was so exhausted, and its for a different audience too. It’s not saccharine though. Can’t change your basic personality, right?

If you buy this book I thank you. And I hope you like it. If you don’t buy it, that is fine too. Just take care of yourselves. Stay safe.


(Let’s not wait another four years to catch up). …I know, this is TOTES my fault…

December 2020