Just a short post because tomorrow is election day and it is super important that everyone who reads this takes the time to vote. Stand in long lines if you have to. Drive people who need rides. If you think Trump is bad now, just think how much worse he will be if he thinks he has been handed an agenda. These could be our last free elections. They are already not fair, as the Republicans are cheating left and right, but these could be our last free ones. Think about that.

Please, please, please go vote tomorrow, if you haven’t already. Vote straight Democrat. Vote like your life depends on it because many people of color’s do. As do the disabled, the sick, Muslims and Jews, LBGTQ and women and many other marginalized groups. Our lives do depend on it. We are all in danger under this administration.

If your name has been dropped off the rolls, or you have any problems at all, demand a provisional ballot, as they are required to give you by law and vote on that. Then get on it immediately and fix the problem, whatever it is, so your vote counts!

My son told me something yesterday that absolutely freaked me out, so of course, I am sharing it. I guess I knew this in some way, but having it pointed out to me in this way… it showed me how bad things are. His voice below, is in quotes. Mine is not.

In his words, “You only need 275 people to rule the world. You need a president, fifty senators and a Vice President to break ties, 218 Representatives (218/ 435 is a simple majority), and five Supreme Court justices. Cabinet secretaries don’t need to be counted because they work at the behest of the president and are an extension of his own authority; they do what he says or he replaces them with someone that will.”

“275 like-minded individuals and they can make any policy they want with zero repercussions. They vote to suspend the first amendment? Well, the Supreme Court justices can just say that it’s okay, and it will be.  But that’s unconstitutional, we can just get rid of the justices, right? Nope. They can only be impeached by congress! The same congress that put them in power!” Trump hasn’t gone this far yet, but it is coming. Oh yes, it is coming.

“So both bodies are expected to police the other.” But they don’t have to. When they refuse to do this, it just consolidates power and makes a dictator. “The current population of the United States is 325 million. Each individual in the 275 cabal represents 1.2 million citizens.” Or not. Mostly not, it seems.

And right now, Republicans have those numbers, and better. Democrats do not have power. Over half this country is being dragged to hell, fingernails gone, kicking and screaming with no way to fix anything. We have no power, and no one on the other side is listening or willing to compromise. In fact, the other side is cheating and lying and scaring their base right now so they can keep the power the Russians handed them, so that they can really hurt us soon.

If the Democrats don’t take back the House, and hopefully the Senate, those 275 people, who really only care about rich, white, straight, Christian, healthy men, get to decide everything about the millions of us who don’t fit into that tiny little box. We are on the cusp of fascism taking over our country. Of white supremacy taking over. They already have concentration camps (tent cities)—do you really think death camps are that far behind? It really does cost so much to house all those brown …animals, right?

Democrats don’t have the power to stop the Republicans right now, but we do have something powerful in our pocket. We have our vote. Tomorrow, November 6, 2018. So go vote. Please. My family/ our country needs you.