Here is my cartoon I drew for the day before President Obama took office. I don’t think there really were any spontaneous marches of joy, but there should have been. Contrast this to the glorious protests going on around the country. I am marching in spirit and both of my sisters are there. So proud of these nasty women (and men too)!

And here is from the day after his inauguration that I thought was apt. Last night at six my daughter said, jokingly, “Well, Trump can’t be that bad of a president– the country is still standing.” To which I replied, “It’s only been six hours, give him time.” While my son mumbled at the same moment,”Talk about setting the bar  low!”

After the lows of yesterday, seeing everyone out there today has given me a glimmer of hope. Too bad, really, that so many were apathetic about Hillary. She really would have changed the world.