I have always liked Hillary Clinton.  She is strong and honest and loyal.  She is a hard worker.  She fights for woman’s and children’s rights.  It sickened me when, during the election, the media chose to mostly post negative stories about her.  To talk about how much people disliked her and distrusted her.  To act like she was on the same level as Trump, when really, she was so far above him it was ludicrous.  All these polls showed how much people despised her, when I really think that was a false story.  A story fed, daily, by the media.  I love her and no one, ever, asked me my thoughts on her.  Who were these people they were polling?  It sure wasn’t me.

I liked her so much that I changed from being a Green Party member (I joined in college) to Democrat, just so I could vote in the primaries for her.  I was so excited and proud to vote for her that I voted early, in Florida.  Too bad, because of the Electoral college, my vote did not count at all, but I cast it, proudly, for our first woman candidate.  I would have voted for her a hundred times if I could have, but I will leave the voting fraud to the Republicans.  Yep, I went there. Mmmmm hmmmm.

Firsts, of anything, are important.  George Washington was a good first president. Barack Obama was a terrific first black President.  And Hillary Clinton would have made a fantastic first woman President.  I wanted and I continue to long for a woman President.  I think we need that feminine perspective in the top job in the land, and Hillary was uniquely qualified for the job.  If our strongest woman candidate was beaten, for whatever nefarious reason, it might be hard to get the party to nominate another one anytime soon.  And that would be unfortunate.

I am putting the party on notice.  You have woken me up and I won’t go back to sleep. I expect another woman to be nominated next time, and the time after that, and at least forty-two more times after that (in other words, as many times as it takes until we finally get our Madame President).  This gender inequality thing has got to stop.  I can already hear the whining starting.  But, but, we need a Hispanic President next or another black one… well, she can be either, I am not picky!  I don’t care if she is black, white, Indian, Muslim, lesbian, Hispanic, Asian (or anything else), as long as she is qualified (this won’t be a problem.  There are many, many qualified female Democrats out there). Hit two birds with one stone while you are at it, but get to doin’ it. We will be watching.

And to the Republicans, I want a woman President, but I will not vote for just any woman.  As Hillary said, “Woman’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights.”  If your female nominee (this might be a moot point because I cannot see this ever happening here) votes against woman’s rights, she will lose.  I won’t vote for her and I am so primed to lift women up that it would take a, a… a female Trump for me not to vote for her.

In other, related news, why the heck is Hillary Clinton going to the inauguration tonight?  I understand, really, I do, that it is customary for ex-Presidents and their wives to go to inaugurations.  But this situation is not customary. Hillary, as a former first lady who just ran for and lost the Presidency in a highly contested election, should maybe be given a bye from this duty.  If she goes she will be scrutinized for the tiniest weakness, and if she stays home she will be called a sore loser.  She is damned if she goes and damned if she misses, so she might as well skip it.  She could join the large Democratic boycott and call it good. Honestly, if anyone was ever entitled to boycott an inauguration, she would be the person and this would be the one.  She’s given enough skin to this game—let her wounds heal in private, huh?

I do not want to see her there, grimace-smiling through gritted teeth, (I’m fine, no really, I’m FINE), laughing too loud and boisterously (See how fine I am?) as the whole world watches and waits for the cracks to start appearing.  The Republicans will smirk evilly as Bill, obliviously, glad-hands the crowds because this is his element! And you know Trump will mock Hillary in person to his cheering crowd that he has bought and paid for.  He cannot help himself.  He is incapable of being the bigger man.  Of showing grace to a defeated foe.  This is the stuff of nightmares!  I know I have a good imagination and it could end up being fine, but why chance it?  Better to be home, curled up with a good book, or better even than that—be in Hawaii, or hey, come to the Keys! with your family, soaking up the sun and paying this fuckery no mind.

President Clinton, Hillary suffered enough humiliation when you were in the white house.  Take care of your wife.  If she won’t make this call, do it for her.  She is not a robot and she shouldn’t have to pretend that she is one.  Emotions are not weakness.  Why does she always have to be the strong woman?  This should have been her moment, it was stolen from her, and that kind of thing takes time to get over.  So please, for her mental health, take a sick day.  She deserves it!

Hillary has earned her rest.  Whatever happens in Washington from now on is not on her.  The weight of the world will never be on her shoulders.  Unfortunately, Trump is far too self-absorbed to feel it when that weight settles in on his.