God Bless you President Obama.

I will miss having a sane, thoughtful, smart and dignified President.  I will miss eight scandal free years.  I will miss soaring, inspirational speeches and our beloved FLOTUS, Michelle.  I will miss your compassion and your judgment and your innate goodness.  In other words, I will miss you.

You did the things you set out to do, and you did them despite having no help from the Republicans.  You are a decent, honorable man, and I have been proud to have you as our President.  I wanted to meet you while you were in the white house, and I still hope to, someday.  I would love to tell you this stuff in person.

I have prayed for you, many times, these last few years.  I have prayed for the safety of you and your family.  I have prayed for God to give you wisdom and discernment and he obviously answered all of my prayers.  Our country is only better off for your service.

I have not agreed with everything you did, but I trusted you enough to concede that you, perhaps, knew more about any given situation than me, and were doing, always, what you thought was right.  You earned that trust.  You earned that benefit of the doubt.  The incoming administration… whew.  Not so much.

Go rest now.  Your legacy will stand no matter what bull they have temporarily voted into the White House china shop.

Thanks again.  For everything.

A Fellow American