Today, I thought I’d bring you three of my favorite videos on the internet.  The first one I think is hilarious.  Now, nobody else I have shown this to thinks it is funny.  They all think it is disturbing (which it is–undeniably) and they think I am disturbed for liking it.  I do not deny this.  BUT I also think it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  How much do I wish that this was MY grandma?  SO MUCH!!!


This next one is also terribly hilarious in a completely different way.  And again, no one I have shown this to thinks it is half as funny as I do.  I am sensing a theme here…  Now I don’t think it’s funny because of what it shows (babies should not be allowed to drink), but because of what it represents (figure that out, ha!)

And now for something good.  Not horrible or weird, just something by one of my favorite people on the net, Beth Moore.  It is hilarious and then it always makes me cry in the end.   Wonderful.

Have a good Sunday.  Enjoy!