For anyone who cares, all the toons I’ve posted since my strip became a web-comic are now in the archives, in order.  What a wonderful resource, you say?  Why thank you!  I agree.

The archives are located to the left, underneath my blogroll.  Instructions on accessing them are posted as a sticky above this post.  They are listed in order, so the most current ones are on the bottom.  The archives I posted today were Archives 29-35.  This takes you right on to today.  I’ve done a better job with these ones (thanks to some help someone posted to me), so they are one stop shopping.  If the are not big enough for you, just click them once or twice and they should get bigger.  Oh, and Archive 32 is messed up.  There is one lone toon at the bottom posted after the others.  I just couldn’t make it work the way I wanted.  Sorry.  Oh, and the Sunday’s are not colored anymore because my computer saved them wonky and I cannot figure out how to fix the color.

I am still not completely done.  I have some more toons I want to publish before I stop the presses.  They will be posted, a few at a time, over the next few days until I am dun fer good!  I’ll definitely let you know when the real final cartoon is posted.  Thanks for stopping by…