I posted one cartoon.  I will post more tomorrow and the next day until I am done.  I was going to post these in batches but I am rusty and this took longer than expected to fix and upload and all that stuff.  And now I need to go run.  Look for a batch of 2-3 tomorrow.

I just went back and reread a bunch of my blog posts and man, that Osama bin Laden post made me sound like a psycho!  I’m usually not so blood-thirsty (I’m a liberal for goodness sake!)  I’m just glad he’s finally been, um …”neutralized”, and I’m glad he was finally, er …”neutralized” on Obama’s watch.  And that’s all I’ll say about that!

In our life not all things have been going to hell in a handbasket.  Sawyer has been doing fabulous lately.  And I don’t say this lightly.  I used to be afraid of jinxing us by saying things were going well with him, because he almost always seemed to go downhill shortly after one of my good updates.  But lately God has brought it to my mind that HE is the one in control and if Sawyer is doing better, praise Him for the blessing and make sure we ENJOY it while it lasts.  So that is what we are doing.

I think pre-puberty and early puberty are very bad times in an autistic boy’s life (or so other mom’s have told me, and I’ve certainly noticed it in our own life).  But now that Sawyer is almost at adult height and his hormones are starting to settle down a bit, he’s just a much more enjoyable kid. It doesn’t hurt that after literally YEARS of tweaking, his meds are finally working FOR him rather than against him.  They are gettin’ er dun, and gettin’ er dun right!  He is calm, he is happy, and so are we!

Thank you Jesus!