Thank you for the well wishes.  I am hard at work on my final toons.  They WILL be posted this week!

In other news, I just now realized that today is May 3,  which was CBW’s first day in newspapers in 2004.  I totally missed synchronicity by a day.  A DAY.  …Story of my life, I tell you…  I think it would have been super cool to announce my retirement on the same day as CBW began it’s run.  If Osama bin Laden can be killed on the same day that Hitler killed himself, well, I just think this was a missed opportunity.  Of course, it would have been better to actually announce retirement  with finished cartoons to post so I could have wrapped the thing up in a nice little bow, but that is obviously expecting too much.

I will keep the blog open.  I do plan on blogging a bit.  I like it and it takes much less time than cartooning.

In other other news, my friends have been sending me kick-ass Obama stuff and it’s hilarious.  Hilarious!  I am going to see if I can post any of it here.

…Well, I can’t.  I must figure this out because they are too funny not to share.  I came up with none of them, but any enjoyment you might someday get out of them on this blog can, of course, be traced to me.