Sorry I missed Monday–we’ve been sick around here.  But I just uploaded both Monday and Wednesday’s toons today, so I am still on schedule.  …Sort of!

Feel like a good cry?  I’m going to post three youtube things that always make me sob.  These are happy/sad videos, not plane crashes or anything, and if you’ve seen them before, why not take another look?  Now, if these don’t make you cry and in fact, you laugh or something?  It probably means you’re a sociopath, and you might want to get that checked out.

This has been your mental health, half minute.  …You’re welcome.

Anyway, here’s the videos.  I will finish it off with one that always makes me smile so we don’t end up blubbering in our soup.  This first one is about Christian the lion and friendship.

This next one is a commercial.  Yes, a frickin’ commercial and I cry every time I see it.  And it doesn’t even come on around here, I think it’s British or something, so when I’ve watched it online only.  It’s about wearing your seat belt.  If you can go out without a seat belt after watching this, then you should rethink that decision.  Everyone’s got people in their lives who love them and want them around.

This last sad video means a lot to me because I am a Christian.  It’s a Lifehouse song and skit.  The first time I saw it I cried, and now every time I see it I cry. It’s very well done.  This is for someone who really needs to see this today.

And now for something funny and stupid to finish it off.  Weebl and Bob.  Enjoy!