A few years ago a local kids theater troupe put on the Sound of Music.  I really wanted to go see it but for some reason that I cannot remember, it never quite worked out.  Then, one day at a community band concert, the seven Von Trapp children showed up to sing a little song for us.  As it happens, it was the goodbye song.

I was so excited I was practically hyperventilating.

Honestly, I could not love the Sound of Music more if I tried.  I LOVE musicals.  Let me say it again.  I LOVE love love lovey love musicals.  Heck, I wish my LIFE was a musical.  Who wouldn’t love to just break out in a perfectly chosen song and dance number at the first sign of trouble or of new love or … a haircut or a hangnail.  You really don’t need a reason for a big production number in a musical.  That’s why I love them so.

Anyway, back to the community band concert.  So I love the Goodbye song.  For those of you who are not familiar with this musical, in this number the kids are at a party their dad is throwing.  It is late.  It is time for them to go to bed (the 17 year old and the 6 year old retire at the same time.  THIS I don’t get, but whatever).  Maria, their nun governess (soon to be their non-nun mom!) has put together a little song and dance for the kids to perform for the party goers.  Why?  Because it’s a musical, that’s why!  The partiers are ecstatic to watch this quaint little ditty (hey, if you can’t suspend belief in a musical, where can you suspend it?)  The kids sing and dance their way up the stairs and into the hearts and souls of all the partiers in Austria, including the Nazis.  As they leave, they sing, in perfect harmony, Goodbye!  Goodbye!  Goooooddddd bbbyyyyyeee!    And then all of the partiers, again, in perfect harmony, sing Goooooddd byyyyyyyyeeee!  And they wave goodbye to the children.

So here we are at the band concert and the kids begin to perform this song.  Unfortunately, none of these kids could really sing, but I was determined to enjoy it anyway.  After all, they were only kids and they were performing for free, for our enjoyment.  I can get behind that.  So they sing the end.  Goodbye!  Goodbye!  Goooooooddddbyyyee!  And being Sound of Music maniac, I KNOW MY PART.  I am one of the audience members.  One of the partiers.  I am supposed to sing the last Goodbye in perfect harmony back at the children as I wave to them.

So I did this.  Heartily.  I expected that everyone else would do this too.  After all, it was our part.

…No one else joined in.  I was the ONLY one, in a crowd of about 150, maybe 175 people who sang our part.  I mean, I HIT our mark and I HIT IT HARD.

Everyone in the audience (and all of the Von Trapp family singers as well) turned quickly in my direction to get a gander at the loon singing along.  So I did what anybody would do in this situation.

I swung around and looked for the loon myself.

What is wrong with some people?


New toon up.  For people asking about the archives, I will try to get all of the missing comics up in the archives sometime in the next few days.