I am a little late to the discussion, but I wanted to say that I was saddened to hear that the Cathy comic strip is ending soon.  This strip began when I was just a little girl.  I honestly can’t remember a time when it wasn’t in our paper and I’ve always had a soft spot for it.  I read it and enjoyed it as a child, then when I was a young, single college student, I became a huge fan.  There were a few  years when this strip seemed to speak to me and I listened and laughed.  My favorite years of this strip were when Andrea got married and had Zenith and Cathy adopted her dog Elektra.  I cut a few of these strips out of the newspaper and they used to hang on my fridge.  Now those strips are in a box somewhere, but I didn’t throw them out.

That’s the mark of a damn fine comic strip, cutting strips out of a paper, then saving the strips in a box and carrying them from house to house when you move rather than throwing them out.

…Then, I guess I moved on.  I got married and had kids and while I still enjoyed the strip, it didn’t have the same connection to me as it did before.  Cathy was single and dating and I was dealing with lots of kids and one with a disability.  The strip was still written well (and I do think it was a well-written strip.  It was chatty, but I LIKE chatty, and it always had a punch line.  This is something I enjoy in a cartoon), but it was still being written about the same subjects and I had moved on to a bigger world, with different subjects.  I mostly stopped reading it for a while.

I have to admit that the only strips of hers that I didn’t like were the lists ones.  When she would list 200 different types of shoes or panty hose or cookies to make a point, I skipped right over it to cut to the punchline.  I have her 15th anniversary collection and it’s a REALLY good collection.  It’s probably my second favorite cartoon book that I own (and between me and my cartoon loving son, we own a library full).  My absolute favorite cartoon collection of all time is the very first Overboard book.  Now THAT book is funny!

I started reading the strip faithfully again when Cathy got engaged to Irving.  I loved her wedding and I loved that she married this man she had so much rich (and not even most of it good!) history with.  I have read it sporadically in the last few  years and mostly enjoyed it.  It’s stayed remarkably consistent over all of it’s years in the papers, and I think the quality has only gone up.  I did a daily strip for only 4.5 years and it burnt me out, so I can hardly comprehend the grind of doing it for over 30 years!  That is quite an accomplishment!

I will miss Cathy and I wish her well.  I read that her daughter is a senior and she wants to spend more time with her.  I have my own senior daughter and I know exactly how she feels!  I haven’t had anywhere near enough time with Clem, and next year she’ll be gone?  SOB!  Say it ain’t so!  (Seriously, I really can hardly bear to think about her being gone).

Anyway, I hope that lots of women cartoonists slip into the newspaper spots that Ms. Guisewite vacates.  Go Between Friends, and Stone Soup, and Rhymes with Orange!  Get on with your bad selves!