I have to say, that I have long thought that the Tea Party people are just, for the most part, racist folk who don’t want to admit that they are racist for fear of looking bad.  They are the people who would never say anything racist to someone’s face, but they will joke about it when with their own kind.  They will talk racism crap behind someone’s back.  They will tell anyone and everyone they know that they can’t be racist, because they were once friendly with, way back in the sixth grade, someone who was biracial.  Then, they will go put a picture of Obama in clown makeup on their vehicles and go sign some stupid petition to get rid of the president because he wasn’t born in America.  Just a bunch of racist chicken heads who have gotten together with a bunch of other racist chicken heads and formed a political movement.  Not a good movement, or a helpful one, but a racist, chicken headed movement.  It’s rather scary, really.  Mental giant’s these are not.

I think it’s fair to say that I am not a Tea Party or Tea Bagger or Heavy Tea Drinker (or whatever the hell they call themselves) fan.  And I make no apologies for my opinion on this subject. I also am not a Glen Beck fan.  I actually used to kind of enjoy him– I do think he can be funny and he seems sincere enough.  But he has crossed the line into CRAZY with a capital C.  He’s just another Limbaugh now.  A strident, monotonous, harpy who is sooooooo misguided.  Let me be good and kind and just say that I… I don’t ENJOY him or the Tea people and leave it at that.

However, my sister Lisa emailed me some stuff that goes a long way towards explaining why I have come to this conclusion about these unfortunate idiots who retain the right to vote.

My sister Lisa happened to be in Washington DC yesterday for a Woman of Faith conference.  The conference  happened to be going on at the same time as Glen Beck’s Restoring Honor rally, AND Al Sharpton’s MLK tribute rally.  Phew.  LOT of stuff goin’ on in DC yesterday!  Somehow my sister missed the news about the rallies and was surprised to find the Metro system overrun.  The line to get tickets was about two city blocks long.  Luckily, she already had a ticket, so she just went through the turnstiles.  The trains were packed.  A man gave up his seat for her and she said this was nice.   Her friend texted her that it was crazy at her Metro stop because of the rally, but she didn’t know what the rally was until she found her own train overrun with people and asked the crowd in general what the rally was all about.  One man said, “You’ve got to be kidding me?” and a woman told her they were there for Glen Beck’s Restoring Honor rally.  My sister said that “Oh.  No wonder I didn’t know.”  She was told that it had been all over the news.    She said that she must not have watched that part of the news.  A few people laughed.

The man who gave her his seat had driven 2 hours from Michigan to Ohio, then took a charter bus to DC.  Others were talking about how far they’d come.  A woman sat next to Lisa and she looked pretty ordinary.  Not in the least bit crazy.  She asked Lisa which metro stop she should be getting off on for the rally.  She said that she’d asked the station manager, but she was afraid that he might have sent her to the wrong place.  Then she said, “If there are gays and blacks there, I guess I’ll know that I’m at the wrong rally.”  My sister’s response?  Oh, ick.  I second that.  They began speculating that there might be a million people in attendance.  At some point, they began talking about the Sharpton rally.  They explained that Sharpton was upset because Beck had “unwittingly” (yeah right) booked his rally on the same date and in the exact same location as MLK’s historic “I have a Dream” speech.  So he decided to have his own rally on the same day to ruin Becks.  Even though Beck really had had no idea about the coincidence of the dates and locations, and he’d set this up over a year ago anyway.

Then, the train broke into a spontaneous rendition of My Country Tis of Thee.  I am not making this up.  My sister said that while she’s patriotic, she didn’t want anyone to think she was affiliated in any way with Beck  (That she was a “Becker”) so she kept quiet.  And felt guilty about it.  I just think it’s sad that she finally gets a FAME moment, people are spontaneously singing in public, and it has to be ruined for her by it being Tea Bagger people doing the singing.  That might have been her ONLY shot at a spontaneous public sing-along.  Thanks Glen.  Sigh.  I told her that she should have busted out a dance move or two and seen if anyone would have joined in (somehow already knowing the choreography by heart) but she told me that these were not THOSE kind of people.  How disappointing.

Then the woman who was sitting next to her started talking Beck up, trying to make her a fan.  She said:

1. He really isn’t political.

2. The rally isn’t political (which everyone on the train agreed with).

3.  Beck is great because he explains things about history that has been repressed for hundreds of years.  The woman actually said that she had a degree in History and had never heard the historical things he has unearthed and explained about. It was all new to her! (Maybe because it’s all FICTIONAL?!)  Anyway, this woman said this with a straight face and meant it.

4.  Also said that she blames government workers for the current economy. Lisa raised her hand to say, that’s me. Govt worker here.  The woman then went on to say that she supports smaller government and limited terms for Congresspeople. And that Congress people get pensions for serving only one term. And not just for the current administration but also in general.

The GlennBeckers were talking about restoring America to the place the forefathers had conceived.  Lisa kept thinking, oh yes, good thinking.  Let’s return to the America where slavery was legal and women were not yet allowed to vote.  GREAT plan.

On her way home, after her Woman of Faith conference (which she thoroughly enjoyed), there were more Beckers on the train.  There was also an older black couple who were wearing matching MLK “I Have a Dream” T-shirts with yesterday’s date on the front.  They had obviously been at Sharpton’s rally.  Lisa saw one person roll his eyes at his friend at their shirts (when the couple wasn’t looking).  No one gave up their seat for THAT woman.

I think Lisa did a fabulous job of reporting here.  I’ll slip her a couple of bucks for her trouble, and maybe next time there’s a rally, she can go as the Clear Blue Water roving reporter and maybe take some undercover pictures.

…It certainly comes in handy having a mole in the DC area for just these kinds of events.