Ha!  I made it.  Got my toon up on Monday with 29 minutes to spare.

Today’s toon actually happened.  My friend was over and I was showing her youtube videos that I thought were funny.   The old spice commercial and the Snickers commercials with Aretha and Liza, and Betty White.  She actually said the punchline to me, and I thought it was MARVELOUS.  I write down conversations in their entirety on a regular basis, but I hardly ever get one that I like as much as this.  I also hardly ever get one that has a built in punchline.  Most are all lead up, no follow through.  (Obviously, I like today’s cartoon!)  Pat, pat, pat myself on the back!

In other news, today was not a very good day.  Sawyer is sliding backwards again (it was inevitable, I guess), and my husband got in a minor accident on his motorcycle (he is fine, but might or might not have a broken hand.  Time will tell).  Sometimes I wish that I could just find a really good day, a day where everything is going great, where there is joy to be had, where we’re all together and good times were had by all, and then have THAT be my Groundhog day for a few months.

It’s the inevitable fall that follows every climb that gets me…