That is where I have been lately.  I was sucked, briefly, into the blue screen of death on my computer.  We got a bad virus.  How?  We HAVE virus protection and it is up to date.  It has not lapsed and it said we had NO viruses.  And yet, we were riddled with them.  It took two weeks for our appt. to come up for the computer guru to come to our house and charge us $75 an hour to basically tell us that our computer has basically crashed (duh) and that sorry, but he couldn’t get our computer to boot up right even in safe mode so we were sool.  He told us to buy an external hard drive (the other one we had was not large enough for all of our data) and then transfer all of our files to it (he gave me directions on how to do this in safe mode.  I now feel like such a little hacker!), and then take our computer to him so he could scrub it clean, bring it back to the factory mode, and we could start again.

Bah humbug.  I am sooo sick of computer viruses!  We get them all the time and no one else I know does.  I mean, we have problems–HUGE problems with this about every year and a half.  Though this is the first time the system actually crashed.  We’ve had it bad before, but never this bad.  Sigh.  Guru told us the virus probably came in from facebook or youtube, which my kids use 24/7.  He told us ways to be safer and I have implemented his suggestions now that I have my baby back.

I am to the point where I kind of think people who think up ways to screw my computer (well, anyone’s computer, but MINE especially) should get the death penalty.  NO mercy.  Kill someone and we’ll maybe let you off with a warning and a sincere apology letter, but crash my computer?  “Off with their heads!”

A friend of ours actually scrubbed our computer and it wasn’t anywhere near as involved a thing as I thought it would be.  We paid him in food and fellowship and all is well with our world now.  We just got our computer back.  So why did it take so long?  Well, when the guru told me what to do, I basically did nothing.  I was sick of spending money on this thing and resentful of everything computer related at that point, so I just refused to act.  Week after week went by with my family imploring me to actually DO something about the problem.  (And no, none of them would take the lead, that is left to me, the resident computer expert… God help us).  My secret?  …I actually kind of liked the time away.  I didn’t really miss the computer.  I waste tons of time on it when we have one, but I don’t get a lot of productive things done.  Finally, after everyone ganged up on me, we bought the external hard drive and I spent a day uploading all of our stuff (I couldn’t lose our pics and music or my cartoons!) and then the next day it was fixed.

Cartoons will be back tomorrow.  I can’t believe how I left things.  Those stupid cartoons up for over a month and a lame-ass blog post about Avatar.  Sigh…  Bad timing.

On our time away, it was a really nice break.  My kids were forced to play together more, there was a lot less arguing, my little ones spent an entire weekend outside playing with their friends (I used to do this, but it is a pretty rare way for kids to spend time these days), and I spent more time with my husband.  Now it’s back to the same old same old.

All in all I am glad to have Ol’ Maybelline back (yes, I have named my computer Maybelline, so what?), but I didn’t miss it when it was gone, and could have happily gone computerless for longer.  I have computer access at work, but I never have time to check it, so I didn’t even check email.  I hardly ever check messages on either of our phones so it was a wonderfully freeing time where no one really could get a hold of us and I doubt we missed anything important.  We are too plugged in these days.  I have just begun to look through my accumulated email, so please be patient.  I will try to reply toot sweet.

I hope you all have been well.  And if no one comes back, so be it.  Then that’s the way it’s supposed to be and I will be happy with that.  I just love that this computer problem was the worst of them all, yet it cost us the least amount of both time and stress.  Hallelujah for small blessings!