Gee, what would happen if I put my Barbie’s head through the washer and the dryer?

No?  Well, apparently my daughter did, for we finished this experiment late last night.

If your hypothesis is that nothing happened or that the clothes would be ruined, you’d be wrong.  No, we had an interesting and unexpected result.

It melts the Barbie’s hair back onto itself.  We ended up with a blonde Barbie head with the best “natural” (afro, for you not into the lingo) that I’ve ever seen.  Her ‘do rivals Jan’s fake afro she wore to the dance in the first Brady movie.  It’s actually one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Why haven’t I taken a picture?  Because my husband threw her out when I wasn’t looking!  Can you imagaine?  He tossed her away and does not understand why I got so angry about it.

Imagaine.  Thinking a body-less Barbie head with a huge, melted plastic doll hair afro was TRASH.

…Crazy man.  I just might have to make another.

Oh, and Merry Christmas Eve to all of you!