That I am tired.  Tired of driving my kids hither and yon 24/7.  I used to enjoy my time with them much more than I do now, I think.  At least I remember enjoying it, but these days I am a taxi driver and breaker upper of fights, a walker of eggshells (with my oldest at least) an ump and a maid much more than I am a snuggler and a reader of bedtime stories, a kisser of boo boos and a dreamer of dreams.

Yes, we are firmly entrenched in the world of teens, preteens and tweens.  (Oh my!)  Siiiiggghhhh.  What this house needs is a baby!   Shhhh.  But don’t tell my husband I said that.

…Can’t we all just get along?

On the home front it’s been almost a month on P90x.  I haven’t missed a workout and I’ve lost 12 lbs.  (I am not following the diet.  I am following a much stricter diet which is working for me.  FINALLY)!  The downside is that I havent’ missed a workout and I’m following a very strict diet, so I am exhausted AND cranky AND feeling very sorry for myself.  Gee, I guess I’ll go have an apple to make myself feel better.

Man, that was a totally depressing sentence to write!

And, after all this, I still can’t do one damn pullup unassisted.  But, you will be happy to know, my legs are looking fabulous!

Anyway, sorry for the delay with the toons.  The biggest reason they keep being so tardy is something I cannot share, so I will just end on a high note.  I have quit one of my jobs (my family really needs me to be home.  We just don’t have the kind of family where two working outside of the home parents is feasible), and this should ease some of the time crunch I have been feeling.  The toons posted are for this past week (Mon-Friday…today!)  Better late than never!