First, new toons are up.  They are for last week (10/19-10/23).  Sorry for the delay. I really am not as big a flake as it appears that I am.  Here’s the deal.  I am working part time now, and so a huge chunk of my time is gone.  I also have 5 kids with multiple needs and wants and demands, I’ve started exercising again… there’s just not enough time in the day.  I have time to write my cartoons (I have a TON written) and I have time to draw it, but I cannot seem to find the chunks of time it takes to ink it and put them into the computer.  I am trying to work it out.  Sigh… I think I just need to demand some ME time from the very demanding folks I live with.

I mean, some of the stuff I’ve written I just love!  Anyway, about these cartoons… when I reread them before I posted them I realized that I’d posted too many in a week where Manny is poking fun at Eve.  I don’t want to make him a dick, (well, not a COMPLETE one!) and so next week I’ll have to try to balance this out.  I do like them, even though he’s not being very nice.  I think they are funny and Manny and Eve do have a rather combative relationship even on a good day… my point is I am aware of it and next week we’ll maybe see Eve’s revenge.

In other news, my husband and I started P90X this week and it is HARD!  I’m actually not as sore as I anticipated being, but I am sore.  During the plyometrics tape I actually had to stop it or I would have thrown up.  Totally not used to that level of jumping around.  And they kept asking us if our heartrates were in the zone.  Um, no.  Pretty sure mine was just a wee bit too high…  So far I like it a lot.

Taking the before pictures was not so fun.  I really don’t need them hanging around.  I can’t imagine being one of those people who post their before and after pix.  Because no matter how great the after is, you are still letting the whole world in on how nasty you looked underneath it all before.  No thank you.  But I am interested in seeing if there is a change for myself.  I am following a modified version of the diet (less calories) and I am upping the cardio portion a bit since I want to lose weight and this is not billed as a weightloss program.  It’s for getting people who are at or near their goal bodies into the best shape possible.  …I just kinda skipped over the part about being at or near my goal body.  Oh well, hidey ho, maybe it’ll still work!

By the end of this thing I want to be able to do at least 5 pullups unassisted (right now I can do half of one.  Pretty pathetic).  At one point in my life I could do quite a few, but that time is not THIS time.  Then, I had both youth and fitness on my side.  Now I have middle age and sloth.  Let’s just say, it’s a different place where I find myself now.

Anyone else out there doing this workout?  Done it before?  Thoughts?

…Eve and Manny totally need to do it together.  I mean, it is RIPE for the pickins’…