A few weeks ago I went to pick up something I needed from a friend’s house. At the time, she was very sick with the flu and when I got there it was like a plague house from the middle ages. She opened the front door as I came up the steps and waved me off. She threw me her keys and told me to get what I needed from the garage and then leave her keys down there. Don’t come up, you DON’T want to catch this!

Let me tell you, it freaked me right on out. I went home and scrubbed my hands and hoped I didn’t catch anything.

Well, I didn’t catch the flu but I have come down with a horrible cold. And it’s just lingering on and on and on. I feel sicker now than I did last week. I sound like crap as I have almost completely lost my voice, and my cough sounds like a wet death rattle (now THERE’S a vivid image)!

And the thing is, I never get sick. The last cold I had was years ago. The other thing is that I’m the only one in my house that’s sick! How unfair is that? And where the hell did I pick up this bug?! (Being as I’m fanatical about hand-washing). And the thing is, I don’t even get to enjoy being sick. To get a nice break and lie down while people bring me hot soup and sandwiches. No, apparently life is determined to just keep marching on no matter HOW I happen to feel. …I HATE that.

Which is why it has taken me so long to post my cartoons (I am about to post the missing one’s for this week. Tuesday through Friday. Which means that yes, this week I only manged to do Sunday and Monday. I suck). Anyway, remember, I take Saturday’s and Sunday’s off, so my next cartoon will be on Monday. I should be better by then. No, REALLY. At least I HOPE I am.

On the bright side, at least I’m losing weight!