Today we picked up the ashes of our dog Luna from the vet’s office. It was a very sad thing to get back this small, heavy little canister and realize that it was all that was left of our good friend. In the spring, we are going to plant a tree and bury her ashes underneath it, along with the ashes of our cat Butterscotch who died 2 years ago. Let me tell you, I’m glad our cats are just kittens right now and will hopefully live good long lives because I am not emotionally ready for another death.

That being said, we have started discussing what kind of dog we’d eventually like to get. Luna was black lab mix. We got her from the pound, so I don’t know what her other mix was. I always suspected it was a doberman because she had a very deep bark and she was a very protective of us, and she had a doberman’s small, fine head. She was a good mix. The joy and friendliness of the lab mixed with the dobie’s protective nature. What a great dog.

All we do know is that we don’t want a really small dog (they can’t get out of the way like kittens can and someone would trample it in this house!), nor do we want a huge dog. No terriers because they dig too much and we don’t want a dog that barks constantly either. I’d take another lab in a heartbeat but Luna’s hips were bad and they were bad from the time she was quite young, and they got progressively worse. Add arthritis to the mix and she was a hobbled dog in pain. It was horrible to watch her decline and I don’t want to do it again. So no breeds with bad hips either. And they have to be good with children.

I was leaning strongly towards a border collie because they are so beautiful, but then I started wondering how barky they were. They’re herding dogs… probably QUITE barky. Hmmmm…..

So, being in need of some fresh ideas and perspective, I thought I’d ask this here. What kind of dog should we get? What are your favorite breeds and why? We will most likely get this dog from the pound too, but the pounds here are SO full of dogs all the time that we really will be able to decide on a breed and just go save one. …Probably.

We will not be getting a dog until next year some time, but I want to get this decision finalized.

I’ll keep you posted on what we decide.