I have a useful tip for any of you suffering from a bad cold.  This will most likely not work on that porky flu thing going around, but your run-of-the-mill cold is ripe for the pickins.  A few years back, someone told me that if you had a cold, you should slather your feet in vicks vapor rub, put socks on, and go to bed for the night.  In the morning, you would be feeling better.  It seemed like a ridiculous claim, AND, being a bit of a hypochondriac, I worried that it might stop my breathing or my heart (how could it possibly do this?  I am such a dork!) and so I never tried it.

Cut to this week.  I have been around a bunch of little kids lately and they are hot beds of infection.  Literally oozing with snotty, germy goodness.  And I have picked up my first cold in about 2 years.  It sucks and I was pretty miserable.  And then I remembered the Vicks.  I didn’t think we actually had any in the house (I know I’ve never bought it before) but lo and behold, there was a small bottle in our medicine cabinet.  God only knows where it came from but it wasn’t expired and that was good enough for me!

So, feeling foolish, I slathered my feet up, put on my socks and went to sleep. Before I fell asleep I felt like an ass because it didn’t appear to be doing anything. I still felt bad and gross  and phlemghy and sorry for myself.

The next morning I awoke feeling like a million bucks.  I didn’t feel sick at all.  Now, I didn’t stay well.  My cold symptoms started coming on again after a few hours and that night I was sick again. (I didn’t try the Vicks for a second night, but next time I will.  Anything for science!)

My conclusion?  It works!  For a while.  If you have something important you need to do in the morning, it’s totally worth a shot.

DISCLAIMER:  Ask your doctor before trying this.  When they stop laughing, they will most likely tell you that it’s harmless.  But the last thing I need is for an allergic reaction or a death to occur on my say so.  So I’m warning you DON’T try this without talking to your doctor and especially don’t try this on your kids without checking with a doctor first.  And if you decide to do it and then you die, don’t come running to me for payment.  The coffers are dry and I told you NOT to do it anyway.

…You’re welcome.