Thank you to all the people who wished me well and were worried about me during my disappearance of the last few weeks.

Some things I can tell you.  Clear Blue Water is not over with, I am just taking a small break to deal with some personal issues.

I am not ill.  My husband and children are not ill.  No one is ill (except mentally, and that’s all of us, but that is also ongoing so it probably shouldn’t count).

Two things happened that caused me to take this unannounced/extended break.  One was unexpected and it threw me for a loop emotionally, and the other one is an ongoing problem that I am trying to work out for the best.

…And that’s all I feel comfortable sharing.  ‘Nuff said.

For those who are still interested in this train wreck, I will be back on October 1st with new toons and new blog posts, a new attitude, and maybe, for the hell of it, some new shoes as well.  Bright red ones.  With spike heels and polka dots.

I promise.

Oh, and for those of you who asked, I AM working on getting a CBW book collection together.  Finally.

“Good-bye boys!  Have fun stormin’ the castle!”