Today is August 1, 2009.  This year is just LEAPING by.  It was early August of last year that I found out I wasn’t going to be syndicated anymore.  We have birthdays in August and it’s back to school, there will possibly be a hurricane or two… It should be an interesting month.  That’s why I have decided to begin again on my weightloss goals.  Wait a second, I can hear you saying.  I thought you were already ON a diet?  Since, like, New Years?

Well, yes, I was.  And I have managed to gain about 15 lbs in that time, thank you very much.  To say it was a dismal failure is really not doing the whole thing justice.  Sigh.  I like to eat and I am 40 so there’s always THAT looming overhead and on my hips, and then there’s the whole being hobbled thing… oh wait, I haven’t mentioned that one here , huh?  Well, I am hobbled.  I have plantar faciitis (I am NOT going to look that word up!  I am winging it, you spelling police, you!) in one of my feet and there are times I can barely walk on it, much less exercise.  Although I have been exercising on it (against doctor’s orders) and I am pretty much in pain all of the time.  It sucks.

Even with rest and therapy it just never gets better and so I’ve pretty much decided to stop babying it and just exercise.  It will either go away or I’ll stay hobbled.  But I’d rather be thin and in shape with a bit of a stylish limp,  than fat and gimpy.  Bleah.

It’s not in the same vein as chronic back pain or neck pain, but it gets so bad sometimes that I try to limit my trips up and down the steps.  I limp around and grit my teeth whenever my poor sore heel touches the ground.  We are planning a Disney trip soon and the thought of all that walking and standing… shudder.  It’s enough to make me weep right now!  I will definitely need morphine, and have to settle for Tylenol.  These are the kinds of things where it must be useful to be, say, Michael Jackson or Rush Limbaugh.  I don’t seem to wield that same kind of authority with my doctors.

I saw these really UGLY, strange looking  shoes called the Z-coil.  They are super expensive but promise big time relief for folks like me.  I would look like an unstylish  freak, but apparently I’d have a shot at being  out of pain.

I’ll take superfreak on aisle one, please!

Has anyone heard of these?  Anyone used them?  I need opinions before I shell out $200.00 on quackery.  If I bought these, they would be the most expensive shoes I’ve ever owned.  That makes me kind of sad.  Rather than designer shoes, I’d own $200.00 clodhoppers so I don’t limp.   If I get them, I think I will only feel better when I have worn them to chaperone my daughter’s prom.  Yes.  I will start looking into this now.

…It’s always nice to have something to look forward to.

Youth is wasted on the young.  …But at least it’s not for long…