When I was syndicated, my deadline was weekly.  I could have picked any schedule I wanted (weekly or monthly) and any day of the week to turn them in that I wanted.  I chose to have a weekly deadline instead of monthly for many reasons.  The most pressing one was that I am a procrastinator, and I could see myself thinking, Oh, I still have 10 whole days.  Not really thinking of the fact that I had to produce a MONTH”S worth of cartoons in that time.  Since I am a good time fritterer, I decided not to give myself any way to get more than a few days behind.    I could basically fritter away Monday and Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday, but by Thursday I HAD to buckle down and get started or I woudln’t finish.  I tried to turn in my toons on Monday mornings, but there were many Mondays where my stuff wasn’t in until close to the close of business (and UPS was in a time zone an hour later than me!)  Still, I usually met my deadline.  99% of the time I did.

So I am going to try that again.  I will try to post a weeks worth of cartoons on Monday’s from now on.  I posted this weeks yesterday, but since I didn’t have a chance to blog too, no one really knows that.  I find it easier to get batches of cartoons done rather than one at a time, and I don’t know why.  So that’s the new production schedule.  Look for new toons on Mondays.  It might be Monday afternoons or evenings but they will be there.  I will strive for a weeks worth, but occasionally there might be only 3-4.  I am still going to try for quality over quanity.

I’ve been having a hard time with this blog as well.  I dont’ post often because I feel like if I don’t post new toons at the same time, people will get mad.  So here’s the new blog schedule… there  is none.  I will be updating this blog as I feel like it.  Which will probably be about 5 times a week.  You are welcome to read it or not, but I will only post cartoons on Mondays (unless I am feeling especially perky one week, but don’t worry about that because perky is one thing I am usually not.  However, if I DO post toons outside of Monday’s, I will alert you right here to that unusual fact!)

Moving on… about today’s Sunday toon.  I happen to LOVE it.  Everything about it was on purpose, including the non-PC word for homosexuals.  I am not trying to offened anyone (well maybe only a FEW people…) but I want’ed to show my true feelings about this organization.  I think they do a lot of good and they are good for boys and they can be fun.  But they hide their darkside well.  They are basically bigots who have been given a license in our society to be just that.  They hide behind Jesus, but Jesus CAME for the sinners.  If Jesus was on earth today He would not be surrounded by priests.  He’d be eating dinner with the prostitutes and the drug addicts and the suicidal and the diseased.  He came to help a fallen world.  He came to save people and He loves everyone, INCLUDING homosexuals and athiests.  (Athiests despite their best efforts to push Him away…)

I just think the scouts have got the wrong priorities, and I like to point that out every now and again.  And yes, my son was a scout for a year (just like Owen was) until I finally won the argument in our house and we pulled him.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

For the record, I am not against all boyscouts.  I dont’ think anyone should pull their kids unless they feel it’s wrong too.  We are friends withplenty of boyscouts and they are nice people.  But their organization is flawed, even if most of the people involved aren’t.