Michael Jackson’s been all over the news and Sarah Palin quits and we had the fourth of July… Whew!  I am exhausted just thinking of it.  Anyway, I have been writing cartoons daily, but I haven’t had time to post them until today so today you get an entire weeks worth of cartoons all at once!  (I sense your excitement…)  The trick is, you have to read them like you are reading them on the DAY that things happened or it makes my characters seem slow.  I knew I had to get them posted today because of the big memorial in L.A.  I wouldn’t miss THIS for the world.

I must say, the last panel of the last cartoon today contains one of my favorite images ever from my cartoon.  I just really like the way Eve came out here.  The story line might not be grounded in reality (they won tickets AND plane tickets AND they could find babysitters at the last minute for 5 children including their autistic son?  Yeah right…) But, then again, that’s the fun of a comic strip.  I can write things in it that could never happen in real life.

I’ve had a blast writing this week, and I like all of the cartoons (which guarantees that most people will not get them and think they are unfunny and in questionable taste).  Which is ok, I guess. I write for myself mostly anyway.

The story of their L.A. vacation is not over…Stay tuned!  Oh, and I am going to either try to post a new cartoon daily or post them in big chunks every few days, but no more missing days.  As you can see, the first week in July is complete and I am really going to try to keep up ths schedule.  I should be able to.  I mean, I MADE my deadlines when I was syndicated!  I’ve just gotten lazy…