It’s hurricane season in Florida and so, of course,  we are thinking about getting a rabbit.  Because nothing sounds more fun than evacuating with a disabled child, a senile dog (yes she’s still hanging in there!) and a huge rabbit cage.  …Wheee!

I have never had a rabbit as a pet, but I did take care of the rabbit in my son’s preschool one  summer.  I’ve never been overly impressed with them, but my daughter wants one badly, and she’s wanted one for years.  My husband promised her that when we moved she could get one, and we’ve moved so… sigh.    My husband thinks we should wait until after hurricane season, but my daughter is not going to be able to wait.  Hurricane season doesn’t end  until December and her birthday is coming up soon, AND she knows someone who is giving away 6 baby rabbits.  Let’s just say that it looks like the stars are aligning for her and she shall be blessed with rabbity goodness soon.  The only thing I’ve said is that I don’t want an albino one.  I do not like looking at red eyed animals, but otherwise she can choose whichever one she wants.  We’ve been researching rabbits online so that we can be good rabbit owners and if you’ve ever seen Fatal Attraction, you can get some idea of the level of excitement and anticipation that is going on at our house right now.

Hopefully, my husband doesn’t have some secret, psychotic girlfriend on the side who likes to murder rabbits.

…That would TOTALLY suck.

We are also going to eventually get a puppy and a kitten soon too.  But the puppy can wait until our dog finally dies, and the kitten can wait until after hurricane season.  No need to be taking two caged animals on an evacuation.  …Did I ever tell you about the time I had to give our old cat a bath in the dark (the electricity was out), at midnight, at my mother-in-laws house, in the middle of a hurricane becuase he’d had diarrhea inside his cat carrier due to stress?

…I still have the scars.

The puppy is intimidating.  We got our dog from a shelter when she was a puppy, and, having never had a puppy before, I seriously underestimated how difficult it would be.  There is nothing cuter in the world than a puppy.  And nothing as joyfully destructive either.  I do NOT look forward to the puppyhood of another dog.  I’d just as soon adopt an older dog but my kids want a puppy and the pounds are full of them, and our dog now has turned into the best dog ever.  She was definitely worth the trouble.

New toons are up!