My son Sawyer loves music.  It’s the one thing that he seems to derive real pleasure from in life.  He’s got quite sophisticated taste (sophisticated might not be the best word.  Esoteric is probaby a better word).  His favorites change pretty regularly but he loves woman singers with jazzy smokey voices like Nora Jones and Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald, and he adores reggae.  Especially Bob Marley.  I must admit I get a kick out of him singing along to “Get up, Stand up.  Stand up for your rights!”  He also loves Ray of Light by Madonna.  He seems to enjoy Queen and the Eagles, though they aren’t particular favorites of his.  His favorite CD right now is from Kenny Chesney and the first song on the disc is Blue Chair.  I’m not certain that’s the real name of it, but it’s a song about a blue rocking chair sittin’ in the sand, and it’s Sawyer’s go to song of the year.   We listen to it EVERY time we get in the car.  Over and over and over.

Did I mention how much  I LOATHE that damn blue chair now?  …Sigh…

Sawyer gets particular favorites of things and then he seems to get stuck there for a while.  He was stuck on Nora Jones for a long time.  Luckily, I enjoy her music even if it does seem like you are on qualudes after prolonged exposure.  We used to listen to the song Soft Winds by Dinah Washington (which I love) all day long.  I would play him the song off of my itunes account on the computer and I would set it on repeat for him.  It was played something like 600 times.  The second most played song was like 70 so that shows you what we were listening to.  And now it’s Blue Chair.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason, no particular style of music from which he’ll pick his new favorite.  I just hope his next favorite is something I like too.  Because either way, I will soon know it by heart.

He does the same thing with movies.  I might have blogged about this before, but it’s worth mentioning again, I think, that his favorite movie of all time is Spice World.  Yes, the Spice Girls movie.  I have seen this movie more times than any other movie in my entire life.  He watches it, literally, at least once a day.  Every day.  Our entire family knows it by heart.  So does Sawyer’s aide.  So do my children’s friends.  I don’t know why he loves it so much, I just know that he does.  We even have to listen to the credits (which are his favorite part, for some reason) and if we mistakenly turn it off before they are finished there is hell to pay!  His other favorite movie is Cars by Pixar, but Spice World FAR outranks it.  Sometimes, very rarely, he will allow us to substitute Cars for Spice World and those are blessed days indeed.

I actually LIKE Spice World.  It’s a funny, well-written spoofy, farcey kind of thing and all the gals seem like they have good senses of humor.  It was filmed at the height of their fame and it’s got some good music and it’s colorful and fun.  You might ask how this came to be his favorite movie?  Well, someone gave it to my oldest daughter and Sawyer liked it as a child.  Then it broke.  One Christmas, I saw it for like 5 bucks and gave it to Sawyer in his stocking as a filler gift.  And the rest is history.  It has worn out twice and we’ve replaced it both times.  It’s easier just to have it on hand than to NOT if anyone gets what I mean.

We watch it with the captions on and I credit this with helping teach my youngest children how to read.  Who knew it was the movie that kept giving and giving and giving?

When the Spice Girls got back together last year, I considered taking him to a concert.  But they didn’t play anywhere near us and it would either have been glorious or terrible, and it cost too much and was too much trouble to gamble that it would have been the former instead of the latter.

I will have new toons up tomorrow morning!