Yesterday morning, we woke up early to the President giving a speech from Cairo on peace  in the middle east.  I was only half paying attention at first as I was making lunches and getting kids up but it was such a good speech that I actually stopped what I was doing to listen.   I have to tell you that I was very impressed.  He was firm and knowledgable and he was nice but not too nice and he wasn’t condescending and he wasn’t thumping his chest… it was a, dare I say it, GREAT speech.  I want to watch it again on youtube and catch what I missed.

As he was talking I just kept thinking how unbelievable it is that he is President.  And how COOL.  To actually have someone in the white house who is both a democrat AND who has the courage of his convictions?  Unthinkable!  That has been my one big problem with Democrats.  They seem like a party of weenies to me.  I always want to scream at them to PICK a side and stick with it no matter who disagrees with you!  Don’t pander.  Not everyone has to like you, but people will respect you more if YOU respect your own opinions.

Obama  is not afraid to take huge risks wiht his name all over them just because he thinks they are right.  He was not afraid to give this rousing great speech while actually IN the middle east!  I must admit, I prayed for his safety yesterday and again today.

I am just so PROUD of him, and this is not a feeling I usually feel towards our Presidents.

It’s a nice change.