A few years back my sister gave me a book on Sesame Street for Christmas.  I was a baby when Sesame Street premiered and so I was the first audience it had.  I still remember a bunch of the old skits and things and whenever they play now I get all nostalgic.  For Sesame Street fans the book is great.  It’s called Sesame Street Unpaved by David Borgenicht.  Anyway, I dug it out tonight and was pouring through it when I came upon a section called The Poetry of Sesame Street.  It had a poem by the Reverend Jesse R. Jackson.  I assume he wrote it, and the words are powerful.  So powerful that I looked it up on youtube.

It’s even more powerful when you watch it.  It gave me chills.  This clip was filmed in 1971 and I don’t think it would be re-aired today.  Too in your face.

Sesame Street was such a neat show.  I still can watch it but it’s a shame what political correctness has done to rob this show of what made it great in the first place. It set out to teach kids about their letters and numbers, but also about kindness and tolerance and cooperation and sharing.  It taught by example, but it also showcased a grouch to show kids that even negative emotions were ok.  It was just ahead of it’s time in every way.

I always wanted to meet Jim Henson and work with him (I used to want to be a puppeteer) and I always wanted to be on Sesame Street.

The former is now impossible and the latter is not very likely to ever happen, but hey, a gal can dream, huh?