The comics archives are listed on the left side of the blog.  They are linked roughly by week, and they are dated.  They are complete.  If there are dates missing that is because I didn’t publish  a cartoon on those dates.    For archives 1-6 simply click on the image once to make it bigger.  Starting at Archive 7 you need to click once on the half cartoon you can see.  Then it will become whole but small.  Click on it once more and it will become large enough to read.  Starting with Archive 26 (July 8-15) the comics were uploaded together so to read that bunch, just click on it about three times and all of them will come up at once (instead of having to do this one comic at a time).

Clear Blue Water is retiring soon. For a short time, I will be uploading comics to my website until I am done.  You can find the link to my website under my blogroll on the left.