You know what I keep thinking?  If I wanted to, I think I could MAYBE get syndicated again with another cartoon.  Having been syndicated, I imagine I could put together a pretty professional looking/tempting package.  I know how far you can push the envelope for print audiences.  I know the exact size to work in.  I have a proven track record of being able to meet the deadlines.  I’m a pretty good writer and my drawings have gotten a lot better since I first began.  I know photoshop.  I know what pens and papers work best for me.  I have an idea for another cartoon that is very different from CBW and probably more marketable.


You know what’s stopping me from trying?  The knowing part.  I KNOW how difficult the deadlines are.  I KNOW how much work goes into a syndicated cartoon and I know how little money most papers pay for the privilege of running your strip.  I know that newspapers are struggling mightily and might not make it.  I know that most new strips fail.  I know the odds of producing a blockbuster strip are quite small.

Having BEEN  syndicated, actually BEING syndicated looks a lot less tempting.  I loved it while I did it and I still love cartooning now that I’m web only.  That part hasn’t changed.  Being a cartoonist is totally cool and satisfying in a way that is hard to explain.  I make less money than I did when I was in print, but not by a lot.  But what I do make I don’t need to split 50/50 with a syndicate.  And I haven’t really tried to make a living at this yet.  I’ve been too busy.  Perhaps if I put some effort into this strip it would pay off.  Perhaps not, but I’ll never know unless I try.

On the one hand, it would be fun and get syndicated again just to  see if I could do it.  I might be wrong.  Maybe lightning won’t strike twice.  I could be rejected all around and done with it in  a few weeks, humbled but wiser.  On the other hand, I might just make it again.  …And to be honest, right now that scares me more than it thrills me.

So.  I think that for now I’ll pass on trying again.  I’m pretty content with where life has taken me so far.  Besides, Clear Blue Water is my baby.  Eve and Manny and the kids are like my family.  Even when I’m on a break I still think of cartoons.  I can still hear their voices speaking the dialogue in my head.  I love this family, this couple and I’m not ready to give them up and call it quits just yet.

Maybe someday though.

…Never say never…