My daughter’s oh-so-important sixteenth birthday is looming ever closer and all she can talk about is getting her license.  The thing is, she’s not all that great of a driver yet.  She’s definitely good enough to pass the driving test, but I don’t think she’s good enough, yet, to pass MINE.  For her to drive, I expect to be so comfortable with the idea I could fall asleep while she was behind the wheel, confident in her ability to handle anything that came up.

I am SO not there yet.

I am thinking about rocking her world and not letting her get her license for a few months.  Not because she’s in trouble or because she’s not able to pass, but because if I’m sending a teenage driver out onto the roads, I want to make sure she’s competent.  No, not just competent, I want to make sure she’s MASTERED it.

I was a terrible driver for a few years.  Most teenagers are, that’s why you have to pay so much more to insure them.  Driving did not come naturally to my daughter (as it did to a few of her friends) and I know how that feels.  So I am seriously considering being put on my daughter’s permanent shit list and making her wait.

…Lucky thing she doesn’t read my blog, eh?