My son had a birthday a while back and we had an interesting phenonemon occur.  When it came time to light the birthday candles, no one in the house had any flame.  No matches, no lighters, no gas stove… it was a really strange experience.  I guess, every other time we’ve celebrated with a chainsmoker or two.  Someone always had a lighter or something, but now that everyone is mostly smoke free (thank goodness!) it was quite  frustrating.

We tried to light one on the electric burners on the stove.  …This was a dismal failure.

I was going to go buy a lighter at the drugstore when I remembered that I had, when I was packing to move, seen an old lighter of my husband’s in one of the boxes.  Amazingly, I located it within a few minutes, and it worked.  I went around gloating, “I have made fire.  I have MADE FIRE!” from the movie Castaway.

I keep it in my purse now next to my knife and my tiny first aid kit.  I was a girlscout.  I come prepared to face unknown disaster with a smile in my pocket, cookies in my wagon,  and a sit-upon tied around my waist.

Anyway, we lit the cake and watched the wax drip in large blobs all over the frosting before having my son blow out the candles.  All I could think of was all the spit that probably landed on the top of the cake.  Wax and spit.  YUMMY.  Give me some of THAT.

As I grow older, I find that I can suck the fun out of just about anything if I think about it long enough.

Yes, thank you.  …It’s an acquired skill.

(FYI, another toon is up.  I am going to TRY to do them daily again.  We’ll see…)