We will be stepping out on vacation as a family for the next week.  Since I don’t have any way to upload my toons while I am gone that means I won’t be doing that until next Monday, May 3rd.  I don’t have any way of keeping up with my blog either (no laptop) so this blog will be static too.  Sorry!

A vacation sounds delicious, but knowing my family dynamics I will need a vacation from my vacation when we are through.  Regardless, next week everything shall start up again here, better than before.

As I won’t have internet access, anyone who needs to contact me can do so by cellphone.   If you don’t have my cellphone number, leave me an email and I will get back to you when we get back next week.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy and peaceful week.  Oh, and I just now uploaded one last Sunday cartoon.  Hope you enjoy it!