My dad can fix anything.  Growing up, I didn’t realize how handy it is to have someone like this around the house.  He can fix cars and televisions and he can build furniture and make slipcovers (he made my wedding dress!)… it was just taken for granted that if you needed something done, he could do it.  Now, my husband does not have this ability and neither do I.  …And this SUCKS.

Case in point.  Our internet went out again on Saturday, right after I posted my big autism post.  I wanted to go back in and pull it (sometimes I feel like I share too much about my son– thanks to everyone who responded.  I’ll try to respond to everyone individually tomorrow) but I was unable to.  It didn’t resolve itself and all of Easter Sunday we couldn’t go online.  I was so angry.  I called up our service provider on Monday ready to REAM them and they (sensing my mood) quickly offered to come out to the house and see what was wrong.  The promise of a new modem was in the air, so I calmed down and they showed up toot sweet.

The dude was at the computer like 1 minute and then he came out and said that the problem was that… (get ready) our DSL line was disconnected from the wall.  The phone was still connected, but someone had unplugged the other line.


Obviously, one of my brats, er, my children did this, but no one has yet admitted to it.  So, anyway, he looked at me like he wondered if maybe I needed help getting dressed in the morning (let me tell you,  I FELT pretty darn stupid right about then), plugged it back in and left.  Now it seems to work perfectly fine, and they didn’t charge us for the service.  …Yippee…

I don’t think this would have happened to my dad.

The suckiest thing is that I didn’t seem to inherit this ability to fix things, and neither did either of my sisters.  But, one of my daughters DID.  It’s really strange.  She’s this charming, outgoing fashionista with the ability to take things apart and figure out how they work.  She fixed our old VCR once when she was only five (it was not a hard fix, but still.  She was FIVE.  Though, for the record, I was just about to do the exact same thing she did.  No, REALLY!)  She wants to be a fashion designer, but she’s so mechanically inclined it seems a shame to waste it.

I can’t wait until she hones this ability though.  Man, it’ll be nice to have a handy person around the house again!  I have missed it.