Miracles happen everyday.  Births, healings, the softening of a hardened heart…  I have experienced miracles over and over again that have no other explanation than that God himself has intervened.  I don’t know what causes God to step in.  I know he listens to our prayers, and I know he is compassionate and loving.  I have prayed fervently for people that have still died of their cancer.  The first time this happened I was distraught but now I realize that we may ask, but He does not have to answer in the way that we would like him to, but that he will work all things for our good and will help us through the hard times.  And sometimes he heals people by bringing them home to heaven.

Today I wanted to talk about something that happened to me about 2 years ago.  I have no rational explanation for it, but it was one of the most profound experiences of my life.  I was going to go to the store and four of my kids were playing outside.  My son was skating and my twins were running around playing tag in the yard, while my oldest was keeping an eye on them.   We live next to a big field, and I always back up into the field.  There are no other houses nearby, no other people so I always back up very fast.  So I get in the car and tell my oldest to make the twins come sit on the porch next to her so I can be sure they are not behind the van when I back up.  Then I looked back and saw my son was all the way across the field so he was fine.  I was about to back out when my twins came over to the window so I could kiss them goodbye.   I chatted with them for about a minute, kissed them, and then had them go sit on the porch again.  Then I looked behind me and it was clear so I put the van in reverse and I was about to give it gas when something unexplainable happened.

I was alone in the car, but I felt someone in the backseat put their hand on my shoulder very gently.  And a voice said very softly and distinctly, “But, where is Owen?”  (Note, Owen is not my son’s real name, but I”m using it here because his character in the comic strip is called Owen).  So I took my foot carefully off of the gas and looked back.  My son was not across the field anymore.  I didn’t see him at all.  So I asked my oldest where he was and she kind of strained to look and she said, “He’s laying behind the back wheels of the van.”  I about had a heart attack, and this still gives me chills today when I think back on it.

Apparently while I had been talking to my twins at the window, he’d skated across the field and then he’d fallen behind the van.  When I asked him why he stayed down (out of my field of vision when I looked back before backing up) he said he was going to surprise me and scare me.  Which he DID.  The van was on, I don’t know what he was thinking (obviously he WASN’T thinking), and I came within seconds of backing up, very quickly, right over his body.  I am certain he would have been killed.  I completely fell apart at the close call.

I don’t know if the unseen presence in the van was Jesus or an angel (Owen’s over-worked  guardian angel, perhaps?) but I am sooo thankful.  Those four gentle words saved my son’s life.  I know this sounds like I am a nut, but it really did happen and the presence in the car was NOT scary in the least.  Normally if I’d felt a presence touch me when I was alone or speak to me (like this one did) I would have thought it was demonic.  (I saw the Exorcist in the sixth grade and I can STILL scare myself if I let myself think too much about this movie!) This one definitely was NOT satanic.  I had an overwhelming feeling of peace and goodness and I guess it just wasn’t Owen’s time to die.  I will be eternally grateful that God stepped in, and that I paused and that I listened.  I must admit that I also like the phrasing of this statement.  This was not a shouted warning “Owen’s behind the van!  Lookout!”  This was just a soft voice (not in my head though, it was an audible voice) pointing out that Owen was no longer visible across the field, and maybe I should find out his whereabouts before I backed out.

The strange thing is, almost everytime I tell this story,  the people I tell have stories of their own about times when an angel has stepped in to help.  If that is the case for anyone reading this blog, I’d appreciate it if you’d share your story.  I could really use some good stories.  Some hopeful stories.  Some Godly stories.  But, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing, that’s fine too.  I decided to post this, but only after days of soul searching.  It’s a very personal story, but one that is very dear to my heart.

My God is an awesome God!