I am 40.  As far as I can tell, this is exactly the same as being 20 except I’m a bit slower, a bit fatter and 60 suddenly doesn’t look so old!

Being 40, my face is starting to age.  I have a few wrinkles.  My hair is turning gray.  It is unfortunate, but time marches on for everyone and no one particularly cares for the process.  I will never get botox.  Now, I am not a star who has to see my face up on the big screen with all of my wrinkles, so I’d guess this is helpful in making this particular decision, but even if I WAS, I’d still make the same decision because botox doesn’t make you look younger.  It just makes you look like Jack Nicholson as the Joker.

If it was this miracle cure that got rid of your wrinkles and left your face mobile and normal looking, then yes, I might eventually consider it.  (I’m as vain as the next person!) But it’s not.  It takes away your wrinkles and leaves you with a rigid, shiny mask like face.  Over time it disfigures you and your face loses the ability to go back to the way it was.  I’ve seen soooo many really scary looking actesses who have not only ruined their faces but also their careers because they might not look old anymore, but they don’t look human either, so that’s a problem.

I look at older women who have not had work done and they are beautiful.  You can still be beautiful and older, but you have to come to terms with the fact that you will LOOK OLDER.  The bloom of youth only stays around for a short time, but when it leaves you have wisdom in it’s place so that’s a nice little compromise.  So if an actess sees normal aging and then sees botox aging, WHY would they choose the botox?  The movies still need 40 year olds who LOOK 40 to play people’s moms.  They still need 60 year olds who LOOK 60 to play grandmothers.  They still need 50 year olds who LOOK 50 to play hot 50 year old women next to the 70 year old actors who are not only allowed to age, but they are then paired with 20 year olds who are young enough to be thier grandchildren.

I was reading People magazine and it had a brief article on Melissa Rivers.  It talked about how one of her teammates on Celibrity Apprentice made fun of her botox face and how she had grown up being called horse face and ugly and how she’d been made fun of her whole life.  This made me so sad for her, but also a bit angry on her behalf.  I remember her from when she was young and she was NEVER ugly.  She was a perfectly normal looking young woman.  Thick nice hair, normal features, no disfigurment of any kind… why does she think she’s ugly?  Why would people taunt her about being ugly?  Only thing I can think of is that Joan’s insecurities have been passed on to her daughter.  Joan is addicted to plastic surgery and she is obsessive about her weight and now her daughter talks in a national magazine about how she needs botox again and how she thinks she would have been “more upset if they said I had a fat ass.”  For what ti’s worth, I don’t think either of them is ugly, or ever WAS ugly,  but they need to lay off the botox and plastic surgery before more damage is done.

And for heavens sake world, STOP PUMPING YOUR LIPS FULL OF COLLAGEN!  It just makes you look like you have a trout pout, it doesn’t make you look like Angelina Jolie.

That is all.