Our ongoing computer problems came to another head this week (meaning we could no longer get on the internet at all, ever anymore) but after spending over an hour and a half on the phone on Sunday with our provider, it looks like they are FINALLY fixed!  I am both happy and sad about this.  I’m happy because now I can go back to regular updating of both my cartoon and my blog.  I’m going to try to get back to daily updating.  The problem before was that our computer would let us on the internet so infrequently (and unexpectedly) that unless you had time right that minute to sit down and do stuff it didn’t get done.  Because the next time you HAD time or made time to do it, the computer would be down again.  Really frustrating.  But it is also sad because I like having time away from the computer (forced or not) and now I will have to make myself willingly leave it to do other things.  That’s much harder and might actually take will power.  …Yuck.

Anyway, for anyone who is wondering, our problems came down to a bunch of little stupid things.  We were using internet explorer as a web browser and that was causing some significant problems (now we use firefox), our modem was using bad software and needed to be updated (they apparently sold it new knowing there were bugs in the system.  NICE).  And one more thing which I have now forgotten.  The man helping me on the phone was so patient though I am sure he wanted to tear his own hair out trying to explain, over the phone, to me what to do to fix the problems.  This is why we pay more for our internet.  The local company is totally worth the price in my book.

You cannot imagine how much easier our lives will get now.  When you have seven people and one computer which is tempermental at best,  and you have both a homeschooler and an honors highschool student using it, well, things can get rather… TESTY.  If you are wondering why we only have one computer in the house, well, that is a tale for another day.  But there IS a reason, and I plan to blog about it sometime soon.

Hopefully, our computer problems will stay fixed for longer that a few weeks this time.

Thank you for your patience.  Tomorrow night, when I post tomorrow’s cartoon, I will also update the archives.  I just havent’ had time to keep up with it lately.  That’s also why we have skipped ahead a few weeks.  I was lagging and getting behind, so I jumped ahead to catch back up again.  I plan to stay caught up this time!