The final week of my submission.  I used all of these in Clear Blue Water.  The interesting thing here are the Sundays.  Yes, plural.  Apparently I sent an extra Sunday entitled “Bonus Sunday.”  I don’t remember WHY I did this… probably because I liked them all and I wanted the folks at the syndicates to see that I was interested in controversial stuff AND slice-of-life stuff, and that’s why the second sunday (where she weighs herself) didn’t get cut.  This was probably a very BAD idea to send more than they wanted to see.  Not recommended…

Anyway, the first Sunday went on to become a sequence of three dailies because it was deemed too controversial for a Sunday.  Look how wordy it is.  I am not proud of the wordiness, I just feel the need to point it out because I’m not like that anymore (well, mostly!).  It’s so busy it practically runs away.  The last Sunday was used almost without any edititng.  The only real changes was in the end, I dropped the references to specific movies that were out then.