Week four is an interesting week for a lot of reasons.  Dailies number 1 and 4 are favorites of mine.  Number three was never reprinted in CBW (though I’ve put it up on my blog before) mostly because I don’t think it’s very funny.  Number five, where it introduces Zealot was completely rewritten because you cannot mention abortion in the comics.  I have since decided that they were right to say no to this cartoon and I have also rethought a bunch of things since this was written.  I’m glad this didn’t run.  (Though I must admit I still think it’s got a neat point).

The Sunday was nixed as well.  The bottom half of this went on to life as a daily (one of a series)  a few years into my cartoon, but I dropped the top half (at the STRONG suggestion of my syndicate) and I can see that they were absolutely CORRECT again.  I told you, my editor saved me quite a few times.  Everybody needs someone to tell them when they’ve crossed the line.  I also notice how absoultely FULL OF WORDS this toon is.  Man, I just filled up the balloons and drew around them wherever there was space.  Not the best plan…