My Uncle Jesse post froma few days ago got me to thinking about what television shows I’ve loved enough throughout my life, that I’d actually buy all the episodes of (if they were sold, that is).

My favorite show as a child was Kimba the White Lion.  Disney totally STOLE the entire idea when they did the Lion King,but I actually have a few episodes on tape and… they dont’ hold up to adult viewing.  Terrible and, sadly, racist.  The weird thing is that they are not sold under the Kimba name, but under some other one (that escapes me now).  So this is a no. I would NOT buy all the episodes of this show.  The four I have are enough to kill the love.

I loved the Brady Bunch growing up.  We all did.  It got to the point that all we had to see was two seconds of an episode and we knew which one it was already.  My favorite is the one where they are the Silver Platters and they sing on TV to try and buy their parent’s an anniversary gift.  I WOULD totally buy all the episodes of this show.  In fact, I’m gonna go look around and see if they are even offered anywhere. 

Charlies Angels.  Another show I loved as a child.  My sisters and I were forever rolling forward, flinging our hair out of our faces and pretending to hold a gun while yelling “Cover me, Jill!”  I liked Sabrina the best because she never seemed to get involved in those silly sex romp things.  She was above all that.  She was the smart one.  But Kelly was the prettiest, and heck, Jaclyn Smith is STILL gorgeous and she’s probably pushing 60, if she hasn’t reached it already.  I would definitely buy all the seasons for this too.  Each season had horrible ones, but they all also had good ones so it’d be worth it.

Laverne and Shirley.  I loved this as a child, but I fear it wouldn’t hold up to adult viewing.  Before I committed to buy the entire run, I’d have to watch a few and make sure I still found it funny.  I hope I would because I have very fond memories of this show.  So this is a not right now buy, but maybe someday…

Northern Exposure.  I loved this show so much the first few seasons and then it just went down hill.  I would definitely buy the first two seasons, but that’s all.  Just like I am content with only having seen the first Matrix movie, the first Men in Black movie and the first Back to the Future movie.  I like to keep my love pure and not sully it with stuff that will make me look back and wonder what the fuss was about.

Cheers.  Sam and Diane.  They were the funniest couple I’ve ever seen, and then Diane left and they got Rebekah and I thought it was going to suck, and it kept being funny.  It was funny throughout it’s entire run, and I would definitely buy all of these.  Oh yeah.  My kids would LOVE this show.

The Cosby Show.  I loved this show and never missed it, but I’ve seen it in reruns, and it wasn’t as good as I remember it.  I wouldn’t buy them all, but I’d watch them if somebody else had them on at their house.  They definitely had some great shows, and I loved the characters, but it was much more preachy than I remembered it being.

The Golden Girls.  Best sitcom ever, as far as I’m concerned.  Best writing, best acting, best ensemble.  I told one of my sisters (a long time ago) that this was my favorite sitcome and she was appalled.  But it’s just about a bunch of old women!  Obviously, she didn’t watch it regularly.  Sofia reminded me of my grandma (who once pulled a wig off of a rival for her man and told me that she had “Snatched her bald-headed).  I LOVE that.  And Dorothy was so sarcastic and fabulous and Rose so dim and Blanche so slutty… comedy gold.  I WILL be buying the entire set of this.  I watch it already every time I turn the channel and it’s on.  There are just no bad episodes!

Friends.  Oh yeah.  I need to buy all of these.  My favorite sitcom as an adult.  Ross and Monica were my favorites because they were the funniest when they got going on their crazy neurotic stuff.  I loved fat Monica, especially when she danced and I loved Monica and Chandler, the love story.  Joey was also a favorite and I really wanted Rachel and Joey to really get together.  Oh well.  I loved this show, never missed it and hope to get the set for my birthday someday.

The Wild Thornberries.  I don’t think they sell the episodes for this show, but hey SHOULD.  Best kids show ever.  I wish I’d taped the episodes when they used to come on, and I don’t know why they stopped making them.  They were educational and funny and I loved Nigel the dad.  Fun and colorful to look at, and not sappy in the least.  Sigh.  I sorely miss this show.  The other kids show I miss is PB& J Otter.  That was lovely and I would’ve bought them for my kids.

I’ve had other shows I’ve loved over the years (LA law, Law and Order, Sesame Street,  Donny and Marie, etc.) but none of them were stuff I’d watch over and over again.  So there’s my list.  I know I’ve forgotten a few.  Who agrees with me?  What’s on your list?