You may be wondering why there appears to be a Sunday cartoon in black and white.  Well, there is a grand explanation for it.  I had it colored and as I was getting ready to post it this morning, I noticed that I’d put the wrong date on the cartoon.  I renamed it and then realized I’d again, put the wrong date on it (it may help to know that my autistic son was sitting right beside me trying to break something and I was trying to stop him and trying to post the toons at the same time…)  Anyway, I went to rename it and hit delete file instead and it was gone before I realized what I had done.  I don’t technically need to produce a color file and a black and white sunday file anymore, since I’m not in print, but I still do because it was my habit for four years.  So the copy you see is the black and white file.  I had no back up  of the color file, and I couldn’t restore it so it’s gone.  I was, needless to say, quite upset because it took me over two hours to color it and I liked the way it looked.

I would have found the time to recolor it if I was still syndicated (luckily, this is the first time this has ever happened to me.  I just wish it had happened to a daily.  Much less labor intensive).  But,since I really don’t have the time to redo work that has already been done once already, I am forced to leave it like it is.  My apologies.  If it happens again, I promise to recolor.

About the stimulus package…  I get sick everytime I think about the economy and I really REALLY hope that this works.  I want to see Obama succeed and I want to see this country turn around.  The point of the cartoon is that I wonder… if it doesn’t succeed, are we going to see the same level of hatred towards Obama as we saw at the end towards Bush?  And if not, why not?  This is just one (jaded) thought on the possabilities.  I think a lot of  folks are a bit afraid to criticize him for fear of looking racist.  But I happen to think that anyone in the Presidency has PUT themselves in a position to be criticized and to NOT do it because of someone’s race is just as racist as to criticize them BECAUSE of it.  I wish it was a non-issue, and maybe someday soon it will be.

I think Obama is quite brave.  He is trying to implement the stuff he ran his campaign on and he is doing it at a VERY scary time in America.  He is making big grand decisions that will either leave him the clear hero of the day, or the clear goat.  This makes me like him even more because if I were the President right now I’d be so afraid of doing the wrong thing and tipping us into a slide we can’t pull out of, that I would be rendered completely ineffective by fear.  So my hat’s off to him for moving forward fearlessly at a time when we NEED fearless leadership. 

I just pray this works…