You know,  I was trying to write some cartoons and my mind started pondering some stuff that I didn’t know the answers to, but I thought were interesting, so I thought I’d share them. 

In the Duke’s of Hazzard, Bo, Luke and Daisy were cousins and they all were being raised by their Uncle Jesse.  Right?  Well, what the hell happened to all of their parents?  Did they all perish in some fiery crash?  It just seems a bit odd to me that three cousins all lost their parents and had to go stay with their childless Uncle Jesse.  Also, if Boss Hogg and Roscoe KNEW who did all this stuff, and they knew what car they drove and where they lived, WHY did they endlessly chase them boys around?  Why not just go park at Uncle Jesse’s house and pick ’em off when they came home?

The other day when we were watching King Kong, my husband wondered why, if Kong can effortlessly climb the empire state building, he can’t scale a 100 foot wall the villagers on his island built to keep him out?

…It kind of ruined the movie for me.

Don’t you think that the cast-aways on Gilligan’s island would have gotten together and killed Gilligan after the third time he ruined their chances of getting off the island, no matter how much they liked him?

What did Mrs. Brady DO all day?  Alice cooked and cleaned.  Mike worked.  All the kids were in school…  Pretty nice life if you can get it!

That’s all I got for now.  I couldn’t figure out a cartoons for all of this information, but, LUCKILY, I have this here blog, so now I’ve passed this useless stuff on to you.