I am not losing much weight, though I continue to try.  My youngest children are running wild these days and my oldest is a teenager (with all the attitude that comes with that statement!)  Moving is giving me fits and homeschooling is harder and more time consuming than I expected it to be.  Our dog is dying, slowly, of old age.  This economy is freaking me out.  Friends and family are struggling financially.  My autistic son is on new medication and it’s trial and error time right now to find the right dosage to help him.  I am sick of cleaning up messes I didn’t make.  Our car is making a funny noise (luckily when you have the radio on, it’s still possible to ignore it, but I don’t know how much longer that will last).  Gas prices are still going up and food prices never seemed to come down.  I need to dye my hair again.  The other day someone told me that my oldest and I have the same face, so I told her “This is you at 40!” and she looked like she wanted to die. (I am soooo going to use this line again!)

I cannot possibly handle one other thing.  Not one other so now is not the right time to call us and ask us about our long-distance.  I am not interested in any polls or answering any questions about our last hospital stay.  I cannot give blood.  I don’t care to give money to any unsolicited charities.  I don’t want to buy any girl scout cookies or candles.  When I am walking through a mall, I do not wish to get a makeover or to try any fabulous perfumes. 

In other words, watch out because I am fixin’ to cut a bitch.

May your day be better than this one is going.

Whew!  I feel better now!

That is all.