I was thinking about what the worst jobs I can think of in the world would be for ME.  Not that these are the worst jobs in the world because they are not.  I’m sure working in a diamond mine or as a sex slave or a forced child prostitute would be right up there with the worst in the world.  No, these are actual jobs you can have in America  that I am totally unsuited for, for numerous reasons.

1.  Math teacher.  This is not my strongest subject and, in fact, I have always loathed math so teaching math to kids everyday would be like nails on a chalkboard to me.   The worst would be teaching math to middle schoolers.  Middle-school teachers deserve a medal as far as I’m concerned.

2.  Actress.  Not my personality nor my strength.  I have no idea how you make yourself cry on cue and emote at the drop of a hat.  It’s so far off from my abilities that it seems almost magical to me when I watch someone like Meryl Streep.  I can only watch in awe and appreciate.

3.  Police officer.  I would be totally ineffective.  First, I would feel sorry for people who gave me sob stories.  Second, I probably couldn’t be threatening enough to be effective.  Third, it holds no interest for me, and I would probably be scared to do it.  I like to be liked and people don’t like the police (unless they need them for something.)  An extremely important job that is better filled with compentent people who would enjoy it rather than the likes of me.

4.  Prison guard.  Oh yeah, this is sooooo me.  Honestly, I would be afraid to go to work and when I was there I would be freaked out.  It’s a worthwhile job and I know someone who does this, but I coudln’t.

5.  roofer or one of those folks who tar the roads in Florida.  They always look so hot!  I always want to give them ice and let them take breaks.  It probably wouldn’t be so bad in colder climates (especially roofing.  Being up that high would be kind of fun), but in the sweltering Florida summers?  Shudder.

So that’s my list.  I’d be interested to hear others lists as well.

(My toon for today and tomorrows toon will be up either late tonight, or, if our internet is out again, early tomorrow morning).  Sorry for the delay.  I misplaced my folder with cartoon ideas in all this cleaning I’mdoing and by the time I found it it was too late to get it posted for this morning.  My time would have been better served by simply writing a new cartoon from scratch rather than hunting around for my file.