I’m back!  …With bells on.  A new toon is up, and I have spent the last week diligently decluttering our home (among other life-changing things that also went on this week!)and I am almost done.  We are looking to move soon and I looked around and realized that about half of what we own is junk and I don’t want to move any of it to another house.

I must admit that I am a bit of a pack-rat.  I had boxes and boxes of drawings from all of my kids and old school papers  and baby and kids clothes in case we have another baby, and story ideas and cartoon ideas scribbled on little scraps of paper.  My son’s medical papers were scattered around in different boxes and not in one easy to locate file.  Our house was clean but cluttered and so I have gone through every cabinet and every box and every drawer ruthlessly.  I had keep piles for every member of the family,  a give away pile and a toss pile. 

This was enormously satisfying.

We have given away BAGS of nice clothes and shoes.  (We probably won’t have any more kids and if we do, heck, I’ll just buy, gasp!  NEW clothes and stuff for them!)  Bags o’toys.  Boxes 0′ books.  I have tossed 90% of the drawings and school papers of the kids.  I still probably kept too much of it, but there WAS stuff that I particularly loved and remembered them doing and so I kept it.  I have gotten everything organized.  I have been scrubbing and cleaning as I go (might as well spring clean while I’m at it!) and it feels so great I wish I’d made time to do this before.  The problem was that this process is MESSY.  Before it’s clean there are boxes and bags littering every surface and I would run out of time because I always had a deadline looming, and I’d have to clean it all up, but this time I had no work planned so I could just keep working late into the night, then get up the next day and start again.  I AM sick of going through papers.  I am resentful that I really haven’t had much help from other family members in my project, and my back hurts from hunching over.  BUT, these are small prices to pay for how peaceful I feel now.

There’s only half of one room left to do and then I will set my husband the task of cleaning the carpets, and THEN  we are DONE.  A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

…I’d go into business doing this for other people except for the fact that I’ve LOATHED the entire process.  I knew there was a catch somewhere…