There are some really great children’s books out there.  I see them at bookstores and in libraries and I covet them.  Unfortunately, my littlest ones have VERY rigid taste and they refuse to GET the books I want them to get.  Instead, we  exit the bookstore with more books about toys or television shows.  Our home overflows with Dora the Explorer books.  With Strawberry Shortcake books.  The Backyardigans.  My Little Ponies.  Bratz.  Barbie.  And none of these books are any good.  They seem to have been written ONLY to service their product and not for quality.  The stories suck, and are usually sugary sweet, feel-good, self-esteem stuffed bonanzas of suckitude.  This, as you might expect, is very distressing to me as I am raising future presidents here, not Barbies or Bratz or morons.

Occasionally I override their taste and tell them we are getting certain books and they will love them if they give them a chance.  Nine times out of ten they will not even read the books I chose, and if they do they will not admit to liking them.  In other words, it’s a waste of money and time to try and expand their horizons.   I have found a way to get around this, but it is sneaky, so I thought I’d provide my system here, for any other sneaky parents out there.

Buy the books you want them to read for yourself and tell your kids that these are Mama’s books and they can only read them if you say it’s okay.  Boy, they will be clamboring to get their little mitts on them before you even get home.  I’ve found this also works well with movies I want to introduce to them as well as television shows.  It doesn’t seem to carry over to vegetables I want them to eat though, but your mileage may vary.

…You’re welcome.