Yes, tha’ts right folks, one of today’s comics was deemed too dirty for print by yours truly, AFTER I had already inked it and uploaded it.  I had no comic to go in it’s place, so I just cut off the punchline and printed it as is.  That’s why the middle comic is both not funny, and much smaller than the other two.   Bad planning on my part.

This has never happened to me before.  I knew it could be taken as dirty or as not dirty, and while I was drawing it up I just kept thinking that it would be read as non dirty and be a non-issue.  Then I read it when I was done and felt weird about it.  So I called up my sister and asked her if it was too dirty and she assured me that it was and advised me to pull it.  We tried to think of an alternate punchline for the last panel but were unable to do so at this time.  I will keep thinking about it and in the next few days I will either think of a punchline and reprint the cartoon with that one, or I will do a completely NEW cartoon and delete this one from the archives.

And no, I am not going to tell you what it said.  You might infer some stuff from the rest of the cartoon and you might or might not be on the right track if you did that.  This was too risque even for me so it’s better that it just dies a gentle death and be done with it.

No more political cartoons from me for a while (well, unless something really unexpected happens).  I am politicked out, and I know a lot of other people are too.

One last thought on today’s cartoons.  The first one was written on inaugeration day and was supposed to be printed early the next day.  But, I procrastinated, so now it makes little sense as Obama is already doing quite a lot of stuff.  So think about it as if you had read it when it was supposed to be written instead of two days later.

Bad cartoonist.  BAD.